Should You Choose Free and Easy or Tour Groups?

Should You Choose Free and Easy or Tour Groups?

When it comes to travelling, the decision between Free & Easy and Tour Groups is often a pain. Here’s a guide to help you choose between the two!

One of the most taxing decisions to make whenever you plan to travel is to choose between joining a tour group and travelling free and easy. Both have their perks and disadvantages. The way to decide is to choose the one that excites you more.

Tour Groups

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Comprehensive experience

If you’re looking to conquer all the tourist attractions in your travel, tour groups provide a complete tour of that, and some may even cover hands-on experiences. An added advantage is that you (almost) never have to worry about your next meal!

Tour groups also provide a planned itinerary to show what you will be doing or where you will be going for the day.

Avoid expensive errors

Europe has a very different culture compared to Asia. For instance, tipping is a very common practice in Europe, whereas in Asia, it is almost a thing unheard of.

Most travellers would recommend a guided tour for people who are travelling to Europe for the first time to avoid expensive “greenhorn” errors.

Choose a tour package that suits your needs

The best you can get out of a tour package is one with an itinerary that complements you. Good tours have hotels that are conveniently located from the tourist attractions and one that you will not be able to stay for the same rate if you book independently. Tour companies usually receive a significant discount.

Free & Easy


If you’re all for budget travelling, free and easy is definitely the one for you. Instead of restaurants, you can choose to fill your stomach at the nearest street stall. Moreover, you can fly with a budget airline and look for a much cheaper accommodation such as hostels or motels.

Flexible with schedule

You may come up with a planned itinerary, but you are definitely not tied to a rigid schedule. You are free to plan a trip that specially caters to your own interest and you needn’t worry about others’ idiosyncrasies. Also, you may take your time wherever you go and not be hogged by a tour guide’s time schedule.

Requires considerable research

Navigating around in a foreign country can be taxing especially if you can barely speak their language. It is always a good practice to look up on the places you want to visit, the transportations you will be taking and your accommodation prior to your trip. There isn’t any harm in booking your accommodation and air ticket early.

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