8 Things You Must Do When You Visit Kenya

8 Things You Must Do When You Visit Kenya

Visit the most amazing sights of Kenya. Appreciate African beauty in a hot air balloon, encounter the wild like you never have before, and watch one of the most fascinating feats of our world - the Wildebeest Migration. Kenya is a treasure trough just waiting to be unveiled.

Kenya is a vibrant country with a wonderfully diverse culture and exceptional sightseeing options! Home to a large variety of wildlife, Kenya prides over its beautiful and well-kept national reserves. Here’s where you can approach lions and wildebeest from only a few kilometres away. Also known for its rich culture and exotic cuisine, Kenya has some of the best diners and tribes you can visit. Here are 8 good reasons as to why you should visit Kenya over any other destination.

1. Watching the wildebeest migration at Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve



The Wildebeest Migration is one of the most majestic sights of Africa. Each year 1.5 million wildebeest and hundred thousands of zebras and antelopes cover 1800 miles, migrating from Tanzania’s Serengeti Plains to Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. Unfortunately, its a tough journey and many don’t make it.  One of the most spectacular sights is when the herds cross the Mara River in Kenya somewhere between July to September. The migration attracts many of Africa’s wildest predators and you can see hundreds of lions, leopards and hyenas follow the herds.

2. Visiting exotic Kenyan tribes


There are numerous African tribes in Kenya that have retained their centuries-old culture and traditions. This is one of Kenya’s most valuable attractions as visitors can spend time in these traditional villages and learn about their way of life. From rituals to herding livestock, there is much to learn from these cultures.

3. Watching the African Safari from a hot air balloon!


Float over the beautiful Serengeti National Park in a hot air balloon and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and fascinating wildlife. Remember to bring your binoculars and camera! These tours usually last between 45mins and one hour.

4. Gorilla tracking


Experience the wild as you have never done before. Mountain Gorilla Trekking allows you to come face-to-face with amazing beasts. Stay silent, follow your guide and have your very own Tarzan experience!

5. Having breakfast with giraffes


Image credits: My Modern Met

The Giraffe Manor is a hotel for both humans and giraffes! Share a croissant or two with a long-necked wonder and visit the nearby giraffe centre for more endangered beauties! Tickets per night cost USD 485 for adults and USD 325 for kids. Note that the manor is closed in April and May.

6. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya


Walk up to the top of the highest mountain and be mesmerised by the Alpine beauty. If you trek up the mountain in wee hours of the morning, you will be rewarded with the most stunning sunrise up on the mountain. Bear in mind that this is a difficult trek; it requires individuals to be in good health.

7. Eating at Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi


Enjoy some of the most unusual dishes at Carnivore Restaurant. Serving crocodile, ostrich, chicken livers and gizzards, this buffet will be a once in a lifetime experience! It only costs KES 3,265 (USD 38) per person.

8. Visit an elephant


One of the most fascinating experiences in Kenya is visiting an elephant! Nairobi’s Nursery allows visitors to feed, play and take care of infant survivors of the illegal ivory trade. The babies play around in the mud between 11am and noon daily! Entrance fee is KES 500 and if you go further and foster the elephant, prices start from USD 50 a year.

Your Kenya trip will be worth every penny!

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