Canopy Park and Changi Experience Studio Is Now Open

Canopy Garden and Changi Experience Studio Opens at Jewel Changi Airport

Two more attractions in Jewel Changi Airport to check out!

Canopy Park and Changi Experience Studio at Jewel Changi Airport will both open its doors to the public on 10 June 2019. We had a preview of Canopy Park, an indoor (and yes, air-conditioned) family-friendly play attraction, and Changi Experience Studio, an aviation-themed interactive gallery and museum of sorts… here are the highlights!

Canopy Park

The cavernous 14,000 sqm Canopy Park is home to seven iconic play attractions and creative gardens. The first-of-its-kind play attractions are created by top designers from various countries, and will entertain the whole family, with the HSBC Rain Vortex providing a grand backdrop! All attractions are ticketed, but most are pocket-friendly, starting from just S$4.50.

Discovery Slides

discovery slides

The Discovery Slides is specially designed to be both a magnificent art sculpture as well as a playscape. This play attraction is a 4-slides-in-1 sculptural playscape set in a garden environment.

The sculpture is also specially created so that observers can have the opportunity to stand atop a 6.5m high platform that overlooks the Shiseido Forest Valley and enjoy a spectacular view of Jewel Changi Airport.

Foggy Bowls

At Canopy Park, you’ll be intrigued by Foggy Bowls features four gentle concave bowls with depths ranging from 30cmto 65cm with an element of mist to create the experience of playing amongst clouds. Children can play in the foggy bowls and be amazed by how ethereal it is; adults can immerse themselves in it for that winning IG shot

Topiary Walk

A whimsical wonderland, imaginations will run wild with the topiary animals at the photo-friendly enclave. It features animal topiaries such as orangutans, peacock and chameleon.

The Hedge Maze

This is Singapore’s largest indoor hedge maze! Guests can take a leisurely walk through the manicured landscaped environment. The experience is heightened by encountering various decorative gates and finger mazes along the way together with the reward of ascending a circular look-out platform for a picturesque view of the maze.

Mirror Maze

This will be the world’s first mirror maze to combine the character of a mirror maze within a garden setting. Guests will encounter challenges at every turn as they attempt to orientate themselves out of the maze.  Hanging overhead are plants, which provide dappled light into the mirror maze from the sunlight above. The finale chamber provides a dramatic contrast; guest enter a fully immersive chamber with mirrors above and below them.

Manulife Sky Nets (Walking)

The scale of the Manulife SkyNets, in an indoor setting, is a world first. The Manulife SkyNets (Walking) is designed to introduce a thrill factor as it straddles across a five-storey high (25m-tall) void. Not recommended for those with a fear of heights!

Canopy Bridge

The 50-metre long Canopy Bridge allows guests to have an excellent vantage point to enjoy the breath-taking 40m high HSBC Rain Vortex. Adding to the thrill factor (and the grief of height fearers), the Canopy Bridge which suspends 23m above ground, will have glass panel flooring in the centre portion of the bridge for guests to look right through to the first level of Jewel.

For opening hours and ticket prices, click here! 

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Changi Experience Studio

State-of-the-art is what best describes the technology being used at the Changi Experience Studio. If you’re an aviation junkie or simply curious to know more about the success story of Changi Airport, then a visit here is a must!

Located on Level 4 of Jewel, the studio is a great example of how one can learn through play. Bringing the experience alive is the Travel Guide, a simple-looking “device” (best described as a piece of folded cardboard) that is anything but! This Travel Guide is literally your passport to the Changi Experience Studio. Without it, you won’t be able to unlock the games or view the amazing interactive exhibitions.

Enough talk – here are the highlights!


Cloud marks the start of the journey in the Changi Experience Studio, where visitors are greeted with whimsical virtual butterflies as they embark on the adventure.  Here, they first learn how to use the interactive Travel Guide, which will be their personal key to unlock the array of surprises inside the studio.

Amazing Runway

This multiplayer game in the Amazing Runway mimics the heart-pumping Changi Airport Race – the exciting runway race between a Porsche 911 GT3 Carrera Cup car and a Boeing 747 aircraft, held back in  2009.  In a simulation of the race in the studio, up to 10 visitors form two teams – representing either the car or plane – to pit their speed and power in this high-adrenaline competition

Smile Challenge

smile challenge

The Smile Challenge allows visitors to flash them brightest megawatt smiles in a battle to determine who has the winning smile. Attain the highest smile scores and be on the Hall of Fame or simply enjoy a good laugh here!

Superhero Game stations

At the Superhero Game stations, visitors will be able to experience working at the airport through fun games simulating the jobs of a security officer, taxi coordinator and trolley handler. Find out just how challenging it is to steer long rows of trolleys through the terminals and try scanning baggage for prohibited items.


At the final stop of Changi Experience Studio, visitors enter a multimedia room to enjoy an awe-inspiring audio-visual experience that will take them through the history of Changi Airport. The graphics and a Hans Zimmer soundtrack will leave your jaws gaping!

For opening hours and prices, visit the official website here!

So there you have it, the lowdown on Canopy Park and Changi Experience Studio. Looks like a trip to Jewel Changi Airport should be counted as a full day excursion.

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