Time for a Family Outing: 4 Singapore Wildlife Reserves Parks for the Price of 2

Time for a Family Outing: 4 Singapore Wildlife Reserves Parks for the Price of 2

Check it out! Only at Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

I’m sure many of you would agree when we say Singapore’s Wildlife Reserves are among the best in the world. Adorable animals, beautiful enclosures, a dazzling variety of creatures – what’s not to love, really?

From April 2016 onwards, now you can visit four parks at the price of two! Get yourself some of that animal-lovin’, and at a cheaper price too!

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ParkHopper bundled admission tickets will allow guests to visit two or four of its wildlife parks (Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari, and Singapore Zoo) within 7 days from the first park visit. Those looking to cover all four parks will only need to pay SGD69, saving a whopping SGD68 as compared to purchasing single entry park admission tickets. Those content with two parks will save up to SGD19. Basically, everyone gets to save! Online purchases will enjoy a further 10% discount on either bundled admission package.

As if that isn’t great enough, Singapore residents will enjoy lower-priced tickets for both online and onsite purchases throughout the year, with a 25% and 15% discount respectively. Wow! Senior citizen concessions remain at up to 60%, with the bonus of complimentary tram rides at Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo. What better time is there to enjoy a day out with your grandparents? Students on school excursions will continue to enjoy heavily subsidised rates of up to 80% as well.

Hands up if you’re ready for a fun trip to the zoo! We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely heading over for an animal good time!

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