Buyeo, South Korea: A One-Day Itinerary to This Countryside Gem

Exploring the Korean Countryside: My One-Day Buyeo Itinerary

This is your sign to visit the magical Korean countryside!

South Korea is undeniably a top travel destination for many, no matter what time of the year. Seasoned visitors would be familiar with famous cities and provinces like Seoul, Busan, and Jeju. But have you visited Buyeo-eup? Often simply referred to as Buyeo, this idyllic countryside town in South Chungcheong Province is known for its rich cultural significance. You can also get there easily via car; it’s just an hour’s drive from the major city of Daejeon. So, you can easily weave a short Buyeo trip into your itinerary! 

We bet you’ve already got a long list of things to accomplish on your vacation, but trust us — Buyeo is worth stopping by as it allows you to see Korea with a different pair of lenses! Buyeo captures Korea’s charming countryside sights, fresh foods, and friendly local dispositions. I personally recommend that you visit this, as some of my most cherished memories on my recent trip to Korea were made during my one-day trip to Buyeo! 

Now, you must be wondering how you can pack all the top things to do in Buyeo in a single day. But don’t worry, I’m showing you my one-day Buyeo itinerary — covering all the major things to do in Buyeo and places of interest to visit! 

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What to do in one day in Buyeo, South Korea

5am: Start your morning with a sunrise hot-air balloon ride

Hot air balloon

I know, why wake up before the crack of dawn when you’re on a holiday? But hear us out — this activity might just be the highlight of the entire trip. (At least, it was for me!). Fly in a hot-air balloon and admire the morning sunrise. Out of all the exhilarating things I did on my recent trip to Korea, this activity was one of the most magical and memorable. I’ve always wanted to fly in a hot air balloon. In fact, it’s on my personal travel bucket list that I created earlier this year. (Did I manifest this? Maybe). So, I was practically running on excitement when we arrived at the take-off site. 

Buyeo south korea

Stunning aerial views up from the hot air balloon basket!

Fun fact: Buyeo is the only place in South Korea where you can fly in a hot-air balloon! The city is the ideal spot to fly hot-air balloons due to the area’s low mountain terrains. So, if you consider yourself an adventure seeker and/or a nature lover like myself, you’ll want to bookmark this activity.

buyeo itinerary

From the preparation of the basket to descent, Buyeo Sky Banner makes each passenger feel safe and well taken care of. Flight passengers receive a personalised boarding pass and certificate of completion; making for wonderful keepsakes of the experience! It’s a little unbelievable that this experience is only ₩180,000 (~S$180).

It was interesting to see these large, beautiful building sitting along the river banks!

The ride boasts some amazing views over the Baengmangang River and Buyeo’s city area, as well as some top tourist attractions floating atop the glistening water. Depending on the weather condition, the flight will last between 40 minutes and an hour — just enough to satisfy your craving for adventure! 

8am: Have a scrumptious breakfast at Cafe Buyuru

buyeo trip

Many of the buildings in Buyeo, South Korea are hanok-inspired in their design!

After that exhilarating ride, it’s time for the first proper meal of the day. And what better place to have breakfast than at a cafe? Imagine baked goods fresh out of the oven paired with a fresh cuppa! 

buyeo korea

Visiting Cafe Buyuru was an impromptu decision. But hey — aren’t the most memorable parts of a trip spontaneous? We were first attracted to this aesthetic cafe for its hanok-style architecture and its convenient location 10 minutes away from our accommodation.

buyeo south korea

Since the skies were clear, we decided to take a morning walk to the cafe. As we strolled past Buyeo’s beautiful, lush green fields and took in the crisp air of the countryside, we immediately felt invigorated! We admired the various hanok (traditional Korean house) homestays and farm fields in the area. We felt as if we’d been transported back in time. 

buyeo things to do

The brown panelling of the cafe’s interior brightens up in a warm glow as the morning sunshine trickles into the space. It’s incredibly magical for Instagram photos, as my photos above show. Moreover, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee — which complements well with some fresh bakes — will instantly get rid of your drowsiness! 

12pm: Grab lunch at Solnaeeum Restaurant

Tteokgalbi, Solnaeeum Restaurant’s must-try dish!

One of the best things to do when travelling is to eat at their local restaurants. We trotted over to Solnaeeum Restaurant for lunch. Like many of the other buildings in Buyeo, South Korea, the design of this restaurant is reminiscent of a traditional hanok. The restaurant’s best-seller is the tteokgalbi (grilled short-rib patties), which were served on a warming plate. The patties were extremely juicy and hearty, we definitely understood why this is their must-try dish! 

Another favourite at Solnaeeum Restaurant is their fried lotus root! Thanks to its batter covering, it was crispy, crunchy, and flavourful. It is the perfect local dish to introduce to tourists, as Buyeo is known for its beautiful lotus flowers. Additionally, we had to try the restaurant’s famous Premium Lotus Leaf Fermented Liquor. We just found it so interesting! And wow, it definitely packs a punch with its robust and slightly bitter taste. 

Fried lotus root (left); Super generous banchan (right)

What I loved about this local restaurant — aside from the fantastic main food items — is their generosity with their banchan (side dishes). We were served countless plates of high-quality, unique banchan that differ between each restaurant. That’s something you can’t get from the city!

We also couldn’t resist this quaint dessert cafe, Yulga, which was right beside the restaurant! This cafe sells drinks, biscuits, cakes, and even jams using chestnut as the key ingredient. As we just had lunch, we decided to try their speciality yulcon (chestnut) ice cream! This deliciously nutty dessert is ₩5,200 (~S$5) and is a perfect cold treat on a hot summer’s day. If I’m ever in Buyeo again, I’ll definitely go back to this cafe to try their other chestnut-infused treats.

2pm: Immerse yourself in Korean heritage at Baekje Cultural Land

Baekje Cultural Land, buyeo south korea

After fuelling up on some delicious grub, it’s time to continue exploring this fascinating town! As Buyeo is known as a historical town, visiting the Baekje Cultural Land is a must-do. Buyeo is a major predecessor of two out of three ancient Korean kingdoms, Goguryeo and Baekje. So, Buyeo gained the reputation of being a hub for Korean history.  In fact, many successful excavation projects of ancient Korean relics occurred in Buyeo. It was also in this city that they reconstructed a real royal palace from the Three Kingdoms period.

From the artefacts used by the royals to the replicated homes of the commoners, visiting the cultural land is like travelling back in time to the second century BC. Stop by the Neungsa Temple, a temple from the Baekje period that was reconstructed from an excavation done in Neungsan-ri. It’s impressive how they’ve managed to find pieces of the temple that was built so many years ago. Fans of Korean period dramas will absolutely love exploring the palace grounds! 

Baekje Historical Museum, buyeo things to do

Moreover, your ticket (which ranges between ₩$4,500 and ₩$6,000) includes admission to the Baekje Historical Museum, located right beside Baekje Cultural Land. This educational museum holds excavated relics from the Baekje era. We learnt about the development of Baekje with narrated videos, interactive exhibitions and artefacts. Visiting these two areas was extremely informative — perfect for a history junkie like myself!

5pm: Amphibious bus tour

Amphibious bus tour, buyeo itinerary

The sightseeing does not stop here! Hop on an amphibious bus tour that takes you around Buyeo’s key tourist attractions. (FYI: An amphibious bus allows you to explore both the land and the sea). The tour promises a comfortable ride with its strong air conditioning for those sweltering summer days and a toasty heater for cold winter evenings. 

We relaxed in the comfortable tour bus as we admired the relaxing river views.

This one-hour bus ride takes you back to Baengmangang River, where it traverses through the water. The views of the famous Goransa Temple and Nakhwaam are even more magical from the boat, as the buildings sit along the river bank. These two places of interest also come with fascinating stories. 

Behind the actual Goransa Temple is a well called Goranjeong, which contains water that is said to make anyone who drinks it three years younger! (Try drinking the water at your own risk!). Moreover, Nakhwaam literally translates to “the cliff of falling flowers.” It symbolises the fidelity and loyalty of Baekje court women who jumped off the cliff to kill themselves after the invasion and defeat of the Baekje kingdom. Moreover, a top thing to do in Buyeo is to catch their famous lotus flower in bloom. So, keep your eyes peeled as you pass by Gungnam-ji, Korea’s first artificial pond, where a great variety of different lotuses are planted! 

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Enough said, fellow adventurers! There are so many exciting things to do in Buyeo, South Korea. The city offers a captivating view into the country’s history — from its architecture to its attraction sites. As a city girl, I definitely enjoyed my day in Buyeo, as it was a quick getaway from the bustling cities that I often visit. So, don’t skip out on this underrated gem when making plans for your next trip to Korea. All you need is a day in this countryside destination to feel rejuvenated, we promise!

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