Korea to Introduce Electronic Travel Authorization for Visa-Free Visitors

Korea to Introduce Electronic Travel Authorization for Visa-Free Visitors

Visitors with visa waivers must now apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before being granted entry into Korea.

If you’re planning a trip to Korea any time soon – which is highly likely! – pay attention now!

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To strengthen border control, South Korea is introducing a new system whereby visa-waiver visitors must provide their personal and travel information in advance before entering the country. Similar to the current Electronic System for Travel Authorization implemented by USA, you must ensure that your application is successfully authorised before you are allowed entry in.

Yes, you’ll have to provide personal and travel details even if you currently don’t need a visa! This means that it will affect you if you’re from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam or Australia just to name a few!

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Even if you have a visa, don’t heave a sigh of relief yet! Applicants for visa renewal will also be subject to more stringent checks on any unpaid taxes or fines and cyber security and investigation teams will be stepped up too.

In addition, a housing criteria will be imposed for migrant workers so that employers using vinyl greenhouses to shelter workers will not be able to receive migrants. Employers with a record of sexual crimes or covering up workplace accidents will be considered less eligible to receive foreign workers too.

What with the popularity of Korea as a destination for both travel and work, this new measure is likely to be quite a hassle in terms of efficiency of your pre-trip preparations. If you’re travelling after the new measures are in place, make sure you take note of what information you need to provide!

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