Your BIRTHDAY Trip: Perfect Travel Destinations Month-by-Month

Your BIRTHDAY Trip: Perfect Travel Destinations Month-by-Month

Around the world in 12 months. Check out the best places to celebrate your birthday!

After extensive research, Dr. Noshit Sherlock of the University of Common Sense in Logicville concluded that statistically, the more you celebrate your birthday, the longer you live. #mindblown

Ah, birthdays. You either look forward to them or the occasion simply slips your mind in the midst of all that hustle and bustle of life. It gets worse once you start working and adult-ing but let’s not get into that.

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Regardless, it’s always nice when you receive a greeting, a birthday wish, or a birthday gift. And let’s be honest, sometimes, what the inner birthday boy/girl in us really wants (and, depending on how hard you’ve been at work, needs) is a good vacation.

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But where, oh where, should you go? No worries on that! Here’s an article to help you select the ideal birthday destination according to your birth month, based on factors like special occasions, feasts and weather conditions in countries with seasonal changes.

And while there are countries (especially in Southeast Asia) which are good to visit all year round despite the occasional light showers during the rainy season, there are better times to visit than others as well. So read on! And maybe show this to someone who can actually make your next birthday wish come true! *hint hint

January Babies

Now, based on my personal experience of having studied in the UK for a year, January is one of the most miserable months in most parts of Europe. It’s when winter is more or less at its peak and the days are either overcast weather…or overcast weather. While some places like Scotland are still worth visiting despite the weather, it’s best to avoid Europe during this time.

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So, where SHOULD you go? Since your birthday is that early in the year, I say you should celebrate it with a BANG! And no city knows festivals better than Rio De Janeiro! Celebrate the New Year/birthday along the Brazilian coast and just laze on the beach under the warm, welcoming sun and sip on your favourite cocktail! Unwind a little, it’s your big month!

If Rio is not to your liking, you can’t go wrong with Australia at this time of year. Sydney is particularly atmospheric during the New Year’s and the weather won’t be too hot or cold during this time. Perfect for some exploration.

Image credit: Beau Giles

Finally, while many people make New Year’s Resolutions to ‘get in shape’ at the start of the year, you should also look into a trip to Singapore, one of the food havens of South East Asia, and home to the only hawker stalls in the world with a Michelin Star. No, that last part is not a joke…unfortunately (inner Malaysian speaking, ignore him).

Singapore is worth visiting all year round, but why not start the year off with an epic food tour? Malaysia is good (ahem, better), and so is Thailand but there are better times in the year for them. Your resolutions can wait. I mean, you could just restart them after the LUNAR New Year anyway!

February Babies

Ah, February, the month of love and romance, where every two blocks, there’s an advertisement for roses or pretty jewellery for that special someone. Maybe next time, especially if your birthday falls in the same month, go on a trip with your loved one instead?

While most parts of Europe are still experiencing less than perfect weather (winter is slowly transitioning to spring), you really can’t go wrong with either Paris or Venice for that air or romance in February. Even if you were to go alone or with your family, those cities are beautiful places to visit, especially at night with all the dazzling lights!

Image credit: Unsplash

For a more adventurous time with your loved one, why not go on a couple skiing trip/honeymoon in the Swiss Alps? The best time for skiing in the Alps is between February and March as the weather is too cold in January. Be warned as you may find a lot of people there during this time as it’s considered the peak skiing season!

For a more tropical getaway for February, the beaches in the Bahamas and Boracay (currently typhoon-free) are near perfect during this time of year. I would say that too many beach outings can get boring, but there’s really no such thing, is there?

Image credit: Bryce Edwards

March Babies

March is one of those months which can be either extremely blissful or slightly disappointing. It’s that time of the year when spring is slowly…blooming, into season. If you’ve ever lived in a country with seasonal changes, you’ll know that weather during this time is quite unpredictable.

Image credit: Antonio Espana

But based on personal experience, it’s one of the best times to visit Spain, particularly the Andalusia region (Seville, Mallorca, etc.) There’s plenty of sunshine in these places and it’s also the month of Semana Santa (Holy Week), a week-long celebration usually held at the end of March to commemorate the Catholic Holy Week (starting from Palm Sunday all through to Holy Saturday). Although religiously a solemn time for Christians everywhere, the Semana Santa fiestas in Spain and especially in Seville are nothing short of ‘funtastic’.

Image credit: Moyan Brenn

In addition, Iceland is also experiencing fair weather at this point. Spring here feels a little more like the end of winter, but the days begin to balance out, giving you ample time to admire the country’s beautiful natural scenery and to catch the Northern Lights at night.

If you’re sick of Europe, you can also brave the wilderness of Tanzania! Although a fair destination all year round, March is the optimal time of year where humidity drops and the rainy season is held off until April. It’s the best time for some wildlife viewing in the Serengeti!

Image credit: dpatdfci

April Babies

Personally my favourite month to travel, April is when spring weather is reaching its flourishing best. Flowers bloom and birds are singing and it’s just a perfect time to travel.

Image credit: Tawashi2006

First off, with spring comes to the beautiful sighs of cherry blossoms! And the best places to view those are undoubtedly in East Asia. Japan is FAMOUS for their budding sakura and even Alishan in Taiwan is a beautiful shade of pink during this month.

In Europe, The Netherlands officially enters its tulip season. What this means is row after row of tulips bloom and you get to walk across rainbow-coloured fields. The view is breathtaking and certain tulip parks are the craze this time of year, for tourists, and for Microsoft employees trying to snap more pictures for generic windows wallpapers.

Image credit: Buy Thuy Dao Nguyen

Finally, Thailand is celebrating Songkran (Thai New Year) Festival on the 13th of April. That means good food, parties, and epic water fights on the street! There’s no better time to visit Thailand than when all this is going down!  

Image credit: JJ Harrison

May Babies

There’s an area in the city of London called Mayfair…and thinking back on my time in the UK, I think the place was quite cleverly named. May is, and I’m not pulling anyone’s leg here, more or less the only time weather in the UK is not gloomy.

Yes, the hanging misery of overcast winter days seem to finally clear out in May, making it the best time to plan that family/birthday trip to London. As we all know, London is a global metropolis with many iconic landmarks like Big Ben, the London Bridge, Arsenal’s near-empty trophy cabinet… (relax, Gunners fans, just a little harmless banter never killed anyone)

Image credit: Ad Meskens

Edinburgh is also a great place to visit in May, and one that I highly recommend. The beautiful Scottish capital is a modern city in spirit but retains its Victorian era charm by way of its architecture and buildings. Edinburgh Castle is a must and you are sure to not regret visiting!

Image credit: Lisa Jarvis

As another personal recommendation, I want to put the city of York on the map as well. York is one of those underrated gems in the UK which does not see as many tourists as other major cities. It rains a lot in York during April and in May, the flowers are rightly blooming. It’s a quaint, beautiful city and a nice destination for comfort and relaxation as you gear up for the second half of the year.  

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June Babies

The middle of the year, congratulations, you’ve made it! After toiling for 6 months and putting up with unnecessary stress, it’s time for a break, especially so if it’s your birthday month!

Image credit: Leonard G.

Santorini, along with the other Greek Islands, is lovely this time of year. Summer is reaching its peak in Europe and the beaches are everyone’s favourite destination and the seclusion, privacy and aesthetic value offered by Santorini Island is unrivalled. Pristine sandy beaches, lovely people, a lack of motorised vehicles and mouth-watering seafood enjoyed while watching the sun set makes it an unbeatable destination.

Image credit: Victorgrigas

For those who’ve always wanted to venture into Eastern Europe, June is one of the most ethereal times to visit St. Petersburg in Russia. The days are extremely long and blend into the night as the sun sets pretty late. June is generally a month-long summer festival in Mother Russia. Just don’t knock yourself out with the vodka!

And of course, June is a great time for the true culinary hunters of good food and exotic flavours to visit Malaysia. Why? Five words: The Start Of Durian Season. ‘Nuff said.

Image credit: Kalai

July Babies

July is the month when summer is in full swing, school’s out, everyone’s on holiday, and it’s all about relaxing and having a ball.

Naturally, as summers go, beaches are the number one priority yet again for the month. Bali is always a nice place for a stress-free getaway, be it with family, loved ones, or alone. If you’re into more mainstream destinations, Florida is one big cauldron of beach parties and social events you will surely not want to miss.

It’s also the ideal time to head to Fiji if you’re a fan of coral reef diving or snorkelling. This is because July is when the waters are clearest due to the ongoing dry season, so make sure not to miss out!

Image credit: Skeeze

If beaches aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, or if the idea of a crowd of loud, young people on summer break makes your head spin, July is also a good month to visit Scandinavia. Stockholm is particularly beautiful between June and July and so too are other Northern European cities like Copenhagen and Oslo. These cities are often full of greenery in the summer and the weather is simply perfect!

Image credit: Oke

August Babies

For those born in August, I suggest taking intensive Spanish lessons, just in case. Why? Because as a general rule of thumb, August is a good month to visit the south of Spain.

Barcelona is a city known for its sun and between late July and early August, the Mediterranean sun shines best without turning visitors into a red crisp! It’s a beautiful city and a festive one if you’re looking to end your summer (or spend your birthday) with one last hoo-hah of a party. Of course, do indulge in the city’s cultural attractions as well such as the Sagrada Familia and other works of famous artists like Gaudi and Dali!

Image credit: Moyan Brenn

I hope you guys like hiking because August is prime time to trek through the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru and to visit Tibet. Peru is nice all year round, but August is when most people will visit Peru due to its perfect weather at that time. In Tibet, the rainy season would have just passed between middle and late August, making it a good time to visit.

Image credit: Chensiyuan

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September Babies

September is officially the last days of summer fizzle out into the cooler temperatures of autumn, or fall, as some of you prefer to call it. For the most part, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other parts of the region are best AVOIDED during this month as it is when those places are most prone to typhoons and strong winds.

Instead, since the season of Autumn is coming, it’s one of the most fashionable times in the year. So, look no further than the fashion capital, Milan for all your September birthday travelling needs. It’s also the month with the least amount of rain in the Italian city. New York is also another good option to go for some seasonal shopping if Milan is not that much to your liking.

Image credit: Paul Bica

Further east of Milan is Budapest, the Hungarian capital which is full of romantic vibes and grandeur. Like Milan, Budapest will be in a dry season in September, and since it’s also almost Autumn, the nights will be cool while the days remain warm, making it a prime location for some outdoor cocktails and great culinary experiences.   

Image credit: Luis Argerich

If you’re looking to get away from all the fashion and shopping, Buenos Aires in Argentina will be experiencing spring at this time of year. Be warned though as the weather may still be a little on the cold side but it’ll be difficult to find the city in a more beautiful state than it is in September!

October Babies

Autumn/Fall is approaching its fiery (in terms of colour) best, and coupled by some of the best weather conditions all year round, cooling but not freezing, October babies would definitely not want to pass up a chance to visit Europe.

Image credit: Jean-Christophe Benoist

If you’re looking for a theme, I suggest going with a medieval tour of Europe, because there’s just something about Fall and the castle towns that feels just right. First up is Bruges in Belgium, a medieval city that transforms into one of the world’s most beautiful places during Autumn, in the midst of crimson leaves.

Image credit: Ignaz Wiradi

Bavaria, Germany is another medieval destination that just comes to life in October (and not just because of Oktoberfest!). Home to some of Europe’s most spectacular castles, the scenery in Bavaria during Fall is just breathtaking! Most parts of Scotland, Ireland, and…actually most of Europe is lovely this year, it’s almost impossible to list them all.

Image credit: Marilyn Peddle

However, I must personally recommend the Lake District in Cumbria, England. It’s beautiful all year round, no doubt, but the Lake District’s scenery comes into a class of its own as the leaves turn red in Autumn. A walk through the beautiful woodlands here is almost surreally enchanting and one that is not to be missed!

November Babies

The month of November is a pretty hectic but also lovely month. North America celebrates Thanksgiving while the rest of the world are preparing for Christmas this month with Christmas carols already ringing through malls.

If your birthday is in November and you’re looking for a trip, it’s one of the best times to visit Hong Kong. The typhoon season has ended and the weather is just starting to drop into the lower spectrums. You’ll love the sights at Victoria Harbour and the great food at the Wan Chai and Central District and of course, for those who are up for some last minute Christmas shopping, Hong Kong has plenty to offer.

Image credit: Unsplash

New Zealand is, likewise, experiencing cool weather and the climate in November is perfect for a campervan adventure! Summer in The States has also waned off and the crowds have thinned, so it’s an ideal time to visit. Might I suggest a wild trip to Vegas followed by a scenic drive through to New Mexico via the Grand Canyon?

Image credit: alexanderwragge0

And if you’re in the mood to burn a few extra calories just before you stuff yourself in December, November is the optimal month to visit Nepal, especially if you’re interested in trekking through the Himalayas. Weather is superb and the crowds will have thinned by then, so expect to be able to experience the journey fully.

December Babies

‘Tis the season to be jolly! It’s December, the month of snowfall, Christmas and great holiday destinations for birthdays!

Image credit: LenDog64

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, Germany has some of the finest traditional Christmas markets around and the food is to die for (then again, German food in general is awesome). Berlin is especially beautiful (and freezing) in December and definitely worth the visit if you can bear the cold.

Similarly, Seoul is an atmospheric place to spend your Christmas eve/December. When the snow falls, Seoul becomes a winter wonderland with many picturesque landscapes and amazing skiing theme parks! K-drama fans will always remember that some of the most iconic romance dramas are also shot in Seoul during the winter, so maybe you might even get your own Christmas romance? -wink-

Image credit: Mark & Emma Hambleton & Dolan

For a warmer Christmas, Cambodia and Laos will be in their dry season where humidity is lowest throughout the year, making it a great time to visit the Angkor Wat and explore Siam Reap. Belize in the Caribbean is another hot (literal) destination for an end-of-year island vacation and if you really want to live it up, head to New York for a New Year’s Eve countdown in Times Square!

Image credit: satanoid

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Around the world in 12 months

So, there you have it, 12 months, endless options for travel for your birthday! Of course, sometimes, weather conditions can become more unpredictable and this article might be a little off, but such is the joy of travel, I suppose! Now fly, my friends, fly and enjoy the very best of your birthdays!  

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