5 Best Singapore Staycation Dining Experiences to Satisfy All Appetites

5 Best Singapore Staycation Dining Experiences to Satisfy All Appetites

Didn’t you know that the Little Red Dot is also a foodie’s paradise?

Weary travellers, rejoice! Hotels in Singapore are set to gradually reopen for staycations in the coming days, with safe management measures and health protocols in place. That said, how can any staycation experience be complete without good grub? 

Some say that food is medicine, and indeed in this case, it also soothes our adventure-deprived souls. Though we may be homebound for now, Singapore’s best staycation dining experiences will certainly make you feel as if you’ve been transported to your favourite countries! 

1. Satay by the Bay

Where else would we kick off our travel plans, if not somewhere which showcases the flavours of our Little Red Dot? Satay by the Bay essentially offers all of Singapore’s finest dishes under one roof. We could easily polish off servings upon servings of local delicacies such as oyster omelette and the king of all seafood — chilli crab.

Nestled between Gardens by the Bay and Marina Barrage, this giant canopy is home to hearty, comforting fare which caters to every palate. Needless to say, one of its highlights is definitely satay. 

Satay has always been a significant part of nightlife in this buzzing metropolis as well as in several parts of Southeast Asia. In the past, swarms of locals would cluster by the seafront to savour the charred, juicy meat glazed with chunky peanut sauce. Head to Satay by the Bay for a dose of nostalgia, if not for its spectacular view of the waterfront. It’s not difficult to see why this venue is one of the best places in Singapore that promises a memorable staycation dining experience. 

As of writing, these stalls have reopened for dine-in and takeaway. This is a hidden gem that you’d be sorry to miss, especially if you are residing at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which is located within the vicinity. Why not drop by after strolling through Gardens by the Bay, too?

2. Insadong Korea Town

Craving for the crunchy, buttery goodness of Korean fried chicken, or the spicy tanginess of piping hot kimchi soup brimming with ingredients? Tucked away in the heart of Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), Insadong Korea Town is the first of its kind in the Little Red Dot. 

This quaint Korean-themed food court offers an incredible smorgasbord of over 200 types of Korean, Korean-Chinese, Korean-Western, and Korean-Japanese fusion cuisine. Regardless of any Korean food craving, there is bound to be something that will satisfy your hunger pangs. Furthermore, its ingredients are specially air-flown from Korea. If you are looking to indulge in authentic Korean food, this is the perfect place to go. 

Tip: We personally recommend its Xiao Long Bao in Kimchi Soup for a unique Korean twist on Chinese cuisine!

To complete your experience, you can even purchase charming Korean souvenirs and accessories as keepsakes to commemorate your trip. You will naturally feel as if you are in the Land of the Morning Calm. 

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Moreover, Insadong Korea Town is within walking distance of iconic sites such as Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A Aquarium. An exhilarating adventure awaits at these fun-filled attractions. 

Unique accommodations such as Festive Hotel™ and Hard Rock® Hotel Singapore are nearby, too. You can be assured that your staycation dining plans will be well taken care of!

3. Ocean Restaurant

ocean restaurant rws best singapore staycation dining

Steal a romantic getaway with your better half to this mystical world which lies in wait beyond the towering glass panels. | Image credit: Resorts World Sentosa Official Website

Don’t miss out on Southeast Asia’s only underwater aquarium dining experience! This unique dine-in affair brings to mind Dubai’s world-renowned Ossiano restaurant, which boasts lavish seven-course meals and floor-to-ceiling views of a lofty aquarium. Imagine enjoying a true fine-dining experience as stingrays and schools of fish glide by.

Equarius Hotel ocean restaurant singapore

Marvel at the sight of over 40,000 marine creatures, such as manta rays and even majestic leopard sharks. | Image credit: Resorts World Sentosa Official Website

The good news is, you don’t have to fly to Dubai to dine underwater. Ocean Restaurant at Equarius Hotel draws foodies all over with a similar concept. Immerse in a space that’s just as open as the deep blue sea. You’ll find that Ocean Restaurant’s signature creations will satisfy any seafood craving. 

Feast on classic favourites such as its Drunken Australia “Yumbah” Abalone and an intriguing dessert called “Sea Salt”. We don’t want to spoil the experience, so we’ll cut this teaser short. We daresay this is a luxurious dining experience like no other, especially if you’re battling with circuit breaker blues. On the edge of your seat? If you are planning to make a trip down, do take note of its adjusted operating hours here.

4. table65

A gastronomic fantasy awaits at table65, which is a one Michelin-star restaurant helmed by celebrity chefs Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot. These world-renowned chefs are no strangers to the culinary scene. In fact, they are especially well known for their critically acclaimed restaurant, 212 in Amsterdam.

Get ready to witness them presenting their creative take on modern European cuisine. Its menus highlight seasonal and signature dishes featuring fresh, local produce. Moreover, visual projections on dining plates and levitating creations elevate the dining experience by tickling your five senses. We don’t know about you, but this just gives us more reason to book a staycation at RWS near this food haven! 

table65 apple best singapore staycation dining

Looks can be deceiving at table65. Can you guess what this is? | Image credit: Resorts World Sentosa Official Website

Be sure to order table65’s Instagrammable Apple Dessert, which is highly raved about. In case you’re wondering, it’s a core-shaped apple sorbet with seeds made of chocolate. 

table65 invites you to sit at its communal tables for closer access and a more interactive dining experience. Whet your appetite by watching the culinary action unfold. In addition, light-hearted conversations with the restaurant’s friendly chefs are bound to make you feel right at home. If you ask us, this is definitely one of the most unique staycation dining experiences in Singapore.

5. Din Tai Fung

If you miss roaming Taiwan’s night markets for its mouth-watering street food, head to Din Tai Fung. You won’t be disappointed!

Founded in Taiwan, this eatery has grown into an internationally recognised brand. Take our word for it, or let its prestigious Michelin star rating speak for itself. Din Tai Fung is no stranger to praise; it has consistently ranked on several best restaurant lists in Asia and beyond.

If there is a dish that you must try, it would have to be its signature Xiao Long Bao. The delicate skin of this soup dumpling encases juicy minced meat. Upon sinking your teeth into its skin, savoury juices explode on the groove of your palate. For every Xiao Long Bao lover, there’s no better ‘foodgasm’.

Pair your dumplings with its line-up of local favourites, such as its Crispy Chicken Wings Marinated in Shrimp Paste and Cantonese Sweet and Sour Pork. Din Tai Fung at RWS offers these exclusive dishes. In addition, feel free to check out its other notable branches at Marina Bay Sands and Wisma Atria at Orchard Road

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Feed your wanderlust while filling your bellies. What’s not to love about these best staycation dining experiences in Singapore? Let us know if you’ve tried them all! 

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