10 Korean Snacks to Bring Home a Taste of South Korea

10 Popular Korean Snacks to Bring Home a Taste of South Korea

Missing South Korea? Let these savoury and sweet Korean snacks keep you company until your next trip.

It’s impossible to sit through Korean dramas and not feel your stomach rumbling with hunger for the food onscreen. After all, South Korea is known for having some of the most appetising and mouth-watering dishes, and it’s perfectly natural to crave a light bite or two while binge-watching a series. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best Korean snacks you can try, from fried potato chips with interesting flavours to sweet desserts that will cool you down on a summer day. 

Want to bring a taste of South Korea closer to you? Take a look at these ready-to-eat snacks below. As a bonus, we’ve also dropped the links to where you can buy these popular Korean snacks online. This way, you can enjoy them from the comfort of your home! 

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Famous Korean snacks that everyone should try

1. Honey Butter Chips

What it is: Let’s just say you haven’t fully lived or explored the convenience stores of Seoul to the fullest until you’ve tried Honey Butter Chips. By combining the taste of acacia honey and French butter, these fried potato chips manage to strike a good balance between salty and sweet. This Korean snack is so sensational in South Korea that it even created its own “Honey Butter Craze,” featured everywhere from international food blogs to K-dramas. 

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore; Lazada Philippines 

2. Pepero

What it is: Pepero consists of thin cookie sticks dipped in milk chocolate. Fun fact: It even has its own special day called Pepero Day, which is celebrated on 11 Nov each year. Although the original Pepero variant comes in milk chocolate, LOTTE Confectionery has also released different flavours like Almond, Strawberry, Peanut, Oreo, White Chocolate, and Tiramisu. 

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore; Lazada Philippines

3. Banana Milk

What it is: Another bestselling Korean treat is banana-flavoured milk, a subtle and delicately sweet treat that you can find in any Korean grocery or convenience store. First launched in 1974 by Binggrae, this popular snack containing milk, sugar, and banana juice is often featured in scenes in Korean dramas. Other flavoured milk products from Binggrae include Melon, Strawberry, and Black Sesame. 

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore; Lazada Philippines

4. LOTTE Chocolate Binch Biscuits

What it is: Drop what you’re doing now and clear the online shelves for LOTTE’s Chocolate Binch Biscuits. These biscuits consist of thin, wafer-like cookies and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate — all rolled into one addictive snack.

Take our word for it: You’ll want to order several boxes of these chocolate biscuits. If you bring this famous Korean snack home as a souvenir to your friends or family, you can be there to see the moment their eyes go wide from the deliciousness; then watch as their hand digs back into the box for more.  

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore; Lazada Philippines

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5. Orion Choco Pie

What it is: One of the most well-known desserts in South Korea, Orion’s Choco Pie comprises two small layers of chocolate-covered cakes with a marshmallow filling. Perfect for afternoon tea time or coffee, Choco Pie also comes in other flavours such as Dark Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, and Injeolmi (Korean rice cake). 

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore; Lazada Philippines

6. Shrimp Crackers

What it is: Crunchy with a salty flavour, Nongshim’s Shrimp Crackers are shaped like French fries with narrow ridges. These shrimp-flavoured crackers are made from shrimps that were caught around Gunsan and Janghang in the North Jeolla Province. But the difference between this Korean snack and other prawn crackers is that Nongshim’s Shrimp Crackers are baked, not fried. Depending on the flavour you’re interested in, you can opt for the original Shrimp Crackers, the Spicy Shrimp Crackers, or the Rice Shrimp Crackers.  

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore; Lazada Philippines

7. Chocolate Banana Kick

What it is: Banana Kick Milk Choco is a puffy corn snack with a sweet banana flavour, plus a light and crunchy exterior coated in chocolate. In 1978, this snack was named “Banana Kick” thanks to the resemblance of its shape to the front ball kick in soccer, which also inspired its cute banana mascot on the packaging.

Want to know a little secret? We have it on good authority that BTS’ Jungkook enjoys this particular Korean snack. As a matter of fact, he’s been spotted munching on the chocolate-flavoured version of Banana Kick several times. Like this fansign event, for example. 

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore; Lazada Philippines

8. Binggrae Samanco Ice Cream

Sweet Korean Snacks: Binggrae Samanco Ice Cream

Image credit: Binggrae Philippines Official Facebook Page; gyro via CanvaPro 

What it is: Recognise these fish-shaped ice cream sandwiches? Binggrae Samanco Ice Cream is derived from bungeoppang, a similarly fish-shaped pastry with a filling that happens to be a popular wintertime snack in South Korea. Look out for other flavours like Red Bean, Strawberry, Chocolate, Black Sesame, and Green Tea! 

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore; Lazada Philippines

9. Melona Ice Cream

What it is: Melona is a low-calorie ice cream bar with fruit-based flavours, such as melon, mango, banana, strawberry, and coconut. After launching in South Korea in 1992, Melona has grown to become one of the most popular Korean desserts worldwide, thanks to its light and refreshing taste. Naturally, these fruity popsicles are also pretty useful for beating the summer heat. 

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore; Lazada Philippines 

10. Ramyeon

What it is: Of course, we can’t end our round-up of Korean snacks without mentioning the most addictive one out there. Preparing a bowl of Korean ramyeon (instant noodles) is a must for binge-watching K-dramas, where this dish is usually brought out during late-night dates between the characters. 

It’s a versatile snack that you can enjoy at any time of the day; just remember to have a glass of water beside you. We recommend starting with the Shin Ramyun first before moving on to a more fiery, eye-watering ramyeon like the Hek Buldak Extra Spicy Roasted Chicken Ramen, which will probably feel like a nuclear explosion in your mouth. But who doesn’t love a challenge, right? 

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore; Lazada Philippines  

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Which of these Korean snacks are you ordering online or grabbing first on your next visit to South Korea? Did we miss out on any iconic snacks or chips that you love to munch on? Let us know! 

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