Weird But Hilarious Techniques Korean Guys Use to Pick Up Girls

Weird But Hilarious Techniques Korean Guys Use to Pick Up Girls

Have you ever been picked up by a Korean guy? Which technique did he use? *winks* Let us share with you some absolutely hilarious and creative situations that have happened before...

Okay, let’s all be honest. How many of us girls wish that some random Prince Charming will sweep us off our feet and protect us all the time, just like those romantic scenarios in K-dramas? Coincidental meetings that eventually blossom into a romance, or a knight in shining armour coming to your rescue…

Well sorry to burst your bubble – but that kind of situation hardly happens in real life. If it happened to you, good. You’re one of the lucky ones who found love at first sight. For the rest of us, reality is QUITE different. Aside from meeting girls through blind dates, Korean guys aren’t as shy as they are made out to be. They will surprise you with their arsenal of techniques.

Let me tell show you the creative and funny ways in which guys pick up girls in Korea these days!

Strike up a conversation even if they don’t know your language

Image credit: Warawara Korea

Ok so this is a personal anecdote of mine. My friends and I were dining at Wara Wara Restaurant in Sinchon, happily slurping on watermelon soju as well as pineapple mango soju (which were AWESOME by the way), when the group of guys sitting at the table next to us approached us. Oh and I need to mention that they had already paid the bill, left their table, and came back 5 minutes later to talk to us.

They then began gesturing around and talking in Korean mixed with some English. We took about 5 minutes of gesturing back and forth to finally decipher what they meant.

They wanted us to rank them in terms of looks.

So yes, we did it just for laughs! We felt so sorry for the guy that we ranked as last though…His mates were laughing at him jokingly and teasing him non-stop. After that, they thanked us and left.

15 minutes later, we finished our meal, settled the bill as well and took the lift down to the main street. We were walking along the street for about 5 minutes, heading back to our hostel, when suddenly they appeared out of NOWHERE. They asked if we were interested to hang out or go drinking with them.. That’s right, Korean guys are very interested in girls who speak English and getting to know other cultures. It’s probably fun for them to learn English through conversations while getting to know another girl as well! As they always say, it’s better to kill two birds with one stone, no?  

Language exchange? Oh, you mean body language…

Him: “You do Korean?”
Her: “Not very well.”
Him: “I don’t English. You, me, language exchange.”
Me: “Right…Language exchange…I don’t want to date anyone right now.”
Him: “No, no. No like, no love, just language exchange.”
Me: “I don’t speak Korean and you don’t speak English. How do you expect this to work?”
Him: “괜찮아.괜찮아. (It’s okay, it’s okay) Body language!”

Real life scenario credits to Serene Paul

Brag about the school, their work, or the car they drive

Well basically there are keywords that you have to name-drop in order to really grab a girl’s attention immediately, which are especially applicable for Korean girls. Status and background are VERY important in Korean society. So, if guys brag that they came from the top three universities in Seoul, namely the SKY universities – Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University,  they automatically garner greater attention! It shows that they have determination, work hard and intelligence, of course.

Admission to the SKY universities pretty much determines your career and social status! It is a one-way ticket to coveted jobs in the government, established banks, or at one of the country’s chaebols – massive family-owned conglomerates. Many influential South Korean lawyers, politicians, doctors, policy makers, engineers and professors have graduated from these three universities.

KAIST is also another elite university growing in prominence because of the advances and inventions it has made in the area of technology. So girls, remember…If you meet a guy who comes from either of these four universities, you’re in luck! *winks*

Additionally, working at any one of the Korean conglomerates is another blinking indication of a Korean guy’s status and wealth. Samsung, LG, and Hyundai are the top three conglomerate groups, followed by SK Group, GS Group, Lotte, and many more. That’s right, I’ve done the research for you so all you gotta do is just remember these names.

Thousands sit for admission tests and intensive interviews conducted by these conglomerates, in hopes of gaining a position in these mega multinational companies that hold a monopoly in various industries! IT IS NO EASY FEAT to get in. So any guy who subtly or shamelessly mentions his workplace will see his impression points go up for sure. Although I wouldn’t be too sure about Samsung though…Considering how the company took a huge hit with the recent case of exploding S7s.

636075256034623280914852072_636075256029154509-1123378661_when-gas-drops-10-cents-funny-guy-dancing-while-pumping-gasImage credit: TheOdysseyOnline

Lastly, it’s all about the car! I mean, who doesn’t want to get chauffeured around in a sleek car for your dates – am I right?! Hardly any girl can resist a guy who owns a Lamborghini, Mercedes, or Ferrari. So yes,  bragging does help Korean guys to score a date with a girl immensely!

Ask to join tables while dining

giphy-2Image credit: Giphy

It’s just like an impromptu blind date! This happened to another friend of mine before. What happens when two girls go out for a good meal and happen to sit beside two guys at a restaurant? These two guys asked to make friends and join tables with them. Can I just say that – it’s a pretty smooth tactic. Polite, courteous, and genuinely wanting to get to know them while sober…That’s the way it should be!  

Grab your neck…Or grab your phone and dial their own number
Image credit: Koreaboo

Korean clubs are infamous for picking up someone of the opposite sex and having one night stands. Most Korean guys try to brush their hand past another girl’s “accidentally” or move closer to her to dance together.  

Image credit: KBS

This is an experience that my friend encountered while clubbing. Apparently, as she and her friend were just happily dancing and jumping around, enjoying themselves, this Korean guy who was interested in her just GRABBED her by the neck and tried to whisk her off to the bar. She refused, so he tried to hold on to her neck while trying to dance with her at the same time. She’s not a giraffe, and besides, how do you even dance with someone else holding your neck or while you hold someone else’s neck?! Weird or bizarre? You tell me.

Another thing that happens very often in the clubs is that when guys want to know your number, they just snatch your phone and dial their own number. Yeah, maybe they’re channelling that bad boy image and trying to ooze charisma as they do it, but all they want in the end is probably a booty call anyway.

Lastly…If they’re handsome, they probably don’t have to do anything.


Need I say more? I sincerely applaud them for their creativity, and may they find true love someday!

*Disclaimer: This article is just for laughs so don’t get too butthurt or agitated.

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