These Are the Best Cities for Students to Live in 2022

These Are the Best Cities for Students to Live in 2022, According to a Study

Where would you want to study?

The pandemic hasn’t stopped students from pursuing their studies abroad, or at least, looking for universities that can still take them in. Hence, the QS World University Rankings was still able to survey which cities all over the world were the best for students, whether local or foreign, for 2022. It’s also no surprise that our favourite cities made it to this list, namely Seoul, Tokyo, Paris, and more. 

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The factors taken into account for the best cities for students


There are a lot of qualities that the researchers looked into when awarding points to each city. The first factor was student mix, which took into account student population and inclusion; next was desirability, which looked at the city’s liveability index, safety score, pollution score, and corruption score, among others. Another basis was employer activity, which indicates the most highly sought-after recruiting grounds among graduate employers. 

Tokyo | Image credit: Jaison Lin

Needless to say, affordability was also considered with its sub-factors such as tuition fees and cost of living. Last but not least, student view was a big factor in deciding the best cities for students; this included student experience and staying after graduation. 

The best cities for students in 2022

Seoul | Image credit: Daniel Bernand

With that said, here’s the official ranking of the best cities for students in 2022. Take note that some cities have tied, leading to skips in the ranking. 

#1 – London, United Kingdom – 100

#2 – Munich, Germany – 97.4

#3 – Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan – 96.1

#5 – Berlin, Germany – 95.9

#6 – Melbourne, Australia – 95.5

#7 – Zurich, Switzerland – 94.9

#8 – Sydney, Australia – 94.3

#9 – Boston, United States; Montreal, Canada; Paris, France – 92.1

We’ve only placed those that belong in the top 10, but if you want to see the longer list, click here

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The thought of being able to study in such prosperous cities abroad is exciting. To many of us, taking up further studies in the best cities for students is just a dream. But who says we can’t try? After all, there are plenty of scholarship opportunities out there, and many of Germany’s universities in particular, are tuition-free. Let us know if this list helped you and drop us a message on Facebook!

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