K-dramas Will Feature More Hong Kong Destinations in the Next Three Yrs

K-dramas Will Feature More Hong Kong Destinations in the Next Three Years

K-dramas will bring Hong Kong to you.

K-pop culture is working its way to world domination with South Korea’s Hallyu department investing a lot in K-dramas and K-pop groups. But it isn’t just the investment that makes these K-dramas and K-pop music videos successful. It’s all the talents of the Korean entertainment industry — from the scriptwriter, director, producer, to the actors and singers in front of the camera. Needless to say, every time a good story in K-drama features tourist destinations, audiences from around the world are struck with wanderlust. 

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has taken note of the impact of the Hallyu wave across the globe, and has reached out to South Korea so that Hong Kong destinations would be heavily promoted in K-pop culture, specifically in K-dramas and variety shows.

According to a press release, “The HKTB is the first tourism organisation to enter into a strategic partnership of this kind with CJ ENM. The partnership will encourage audiences to recall some of their favourite scenes from K-dramas and shows at authentic locations in Hong Kong and boost tourism when international travel resumes.”

Hong Kong destinations in K-dramas

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Hong Kong is more than just its bustling city; it has natural wonders and tropical getaways that deserve more attention from international tourists. So, it’s no surprise that HKTB is this ambitious to promote Hong Kong tourism this early on even before Asian borders open to overseas leisure travellers. HKTB’s contract with CJ ENM is a three-year Memorandum of Understanding that will catapult Hong Kong’s destinations into the living rooms of global audiences. 

The press release adds, “When travel restrictions are eased, Hong Kong scenes will be filmed as backdrops for a range of drama and variety programmes made by CJ ENM, which creates some of the region’s most popular and critically-acclaimed content, such as Crash Landing On You, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God, Hospital Playlist, Vincenzo, Youn’s Kitchen and New Journey to the West.

Considering that Crash Landing On You automatically placed Switzerland on the bucket list of travellers who didn’t consider the mountainous nation before, it’s safe to say that Hong Kong will surely reap the benefits of HKTB’s partnership with CJ ENM.

So, are you ready to see more of Hong Kong in future K-dramas?

Information extracted from a press release issued by Hong Kong Tourism Board. Featured image credit: Jeffrey Lee | Unsplash

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