The Best Bubble Tea Spots in Taipei

The Best Bubble Tea Spots in Taipei

Also known as boba tea or pearl tea, bubble tea is a popular drink that is well-known and loved. And where else to find the best than in Taiwan, where it originated? Here is a short guide to where you can find the best bubble tea in Taipei, Taiwan.

A trip to Taipei is incomplete without a proper bubble tea fix. We’re talking about the flavorful taste of milk tea (or if you’re into fruit teas, the right amount of zest) and of course, the chewy goodness of tapioca pearls. After all, you’re in the very country where bubble tea originated from… So why not treat yourself to a good cup of bubble tea while you’re in town?

You may find yourself spoilt for choice thanks to the huge array of stores and franchises here, but don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Here are our picks for the best bubble tea spots in Taipei.

1. Chun Shui Tang (春水堂)

Chun Shui Tang is perhaps the most well-known bubble tea chain not just in Taipei, but in Taiwan, claiming to be the ones who created bubble tea (and sparked the whole craze) back in the 80’s. Although its original teahouse lies in Taichung, you can find its outlets all over the country. Taipei’s outlets are sleekly designed, and even offer a food menu with signature Taiwanese cuisines (like beef noodles) alongside its drink menu.

You’ll get to enjoy your meals within the restaurant’s cozy interiors, or order your takeaway from the drink bar, where you’ll see your drinks being carefully shaken, and milk frothed to creamy perfection!

2. 50 Lan (50嵐)

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50 Lan is a prominent bubble tea franchise in Taipei, and in case you didn’t know, the parent brand of KOI, a well-loved bubble tea franchise in Singapore. It’s almost difficult to miss 50 Lan while you’re there, because of its many outlets and signature blue and yellow storefront. While their classic Pearl Milk Tea is highly ranked among locals, other popular choices include their Hazelnut Milk Tea and different flavoured Ice Cream Teas.

Unlike bubble tea franchises overseas, 50 Lan lets their customers have the option of choosing the size of their pearls, and their milk tea has an extraordinary taste which distinctly stands out from the rest.

3. Chen San Ding (陳三薡)

Chen San Ding sits in the food and nightlife district of Gongguan, where many local youths from nearby universities typically hang out. The bubble tea store is quite literally one of a kind, since it has no other outlets, and it has an addictive signature drink which keeps its queues long everyday. If you’re willing to wait it out, make sure to try 青蛙撞奶. The drink’s name literally means ‘frog knocks milk’, but don’t let it turn you off there are absolutely zero frogs involved. The drink is a concoction of cold milk and freshly cooked tapioca pearls which have been soaked in brown sugar. It feels as if there’s a party in your mouth with the different temperatures and tastes that even-out, but trust us when we say it is SO good.

4. Kenting Dan Dan Milk Tea (墾丁蛋蛋ㄉㄨㄞ奶)

If you’re not down to queue for Chen San Ding, you can always enjoy something similar and just as good at Kenting Dan Dan Milk Tea. This store is supposedly popular in Southern Taiwan, where Kenting is hence making it an under-the-radar gem for locals and tourists alike in Taipei! If you’re someone who enjoys toppings such as herbal jelly, mung beans, or red beans, you definitely don’t want to miss this place. Plus, you’ll hardly miss its loud B&W cow-print store decor in the Gongguan District so why not treat yourself to a refreshing cup of fresh, high quality milk and warm brown sugared pearls while you’re there?

5. Yi Fang Fruit Tea (一芳水果茶)

Are you more of a fruit tea person? If so, you’ll probably love Yi Fang Fruit Tea. This franchise has a huge menu of both fruit and milk teas though we suggest taking a break from anything with milk, and indulging in something cool and citrusy for once! Popular drinks include their signature Passion Fruit Green Tea or Sugar Cane Mountain Tea. If a cup of good ol’ freshly brewed tea (without fruits or pearls) is what you fancy, you’ll also find it here.

Yi Fang’s success and popularity has even found itself in other countries including the Philippines, and Canada. So if you’re lucky, you may even get to satisfy your cravings back home!

6. Presotea (鮮茶道)

Ever drank a sinfully sweet cup of milk tea? Chances are you downed 80% milk and sugar, and 20% tea. But Presotea’s milk teas are a different story all drinks are carefully brewed from a unique espresso-type machine and are not excessively sweetened!

Presotea is known for their high quality methods and ingredients (fruit teas even contain seasonal homegrown fruits), and their affordable prices. It’s hard to enjoy the natural flavour of tea when you’re distracted by chewy pearls at many stores, so definitely try to give Presotea a try if you’re in town and you’ll be surprised at how good bubble tea tastes like. Our recommendations: Pineapple Fresh Tea and Jasmine Green Milk Tea.

7. Cha Cha Go (茶茶GO)

Located in the fashion district of Ximending, the hip and stylishly designed Chachago draws dozens of customers, especially those looking for a refreshing drink to quench their thirst after hours of shopping, to its doors. The store is Chachago’s only outlet in Taipei, and it boasts a wide menu of well-loved drinks and toppings, such as taro, caramel pudding, and Taiwanese azuki beans. If you do come across Chachago while touring the area, be sure to try out the different drink types with your friends. Apart from milk teas, they also offer ice cream floats, fruit teas, and salted whip teas (which come with salted whipped cream!).

Craving for BBT now? We understand looking through all these pictures has us dreaming of the perfect cup of authentic Taiwanese bubble tea too. Next time you’re in Taipei, refer to our guide and make all your guilty pleasure dreams come true!

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