World's Best Cities 2024: 4 Asian Cities Make the Top 10

World’s Best Cities 2024: 4 Asian Cities Make the Top 10

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In a recent survey by Canadian firm Resonance Consultancy, London has been declared the best city in the world for 2024, leading the charts in liveability, lovability, and prosperity. Curious about the rest of the world’s best cities? Read on. 

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World’s best cities 2024 criteria

World's Best Cities 2024

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The comprehensive survey conducted by the Canadian firm Resonance Consultancy analysed over 270 cities globally, focusing on a variety of metrics. These included transport connectivity, cultural and culinary experiences, educational standards, university reputation, labour force participation rates, poverty rates, GDP per capita, and the prevalence of startups. This extensive data collection helped Resonance Consultancy craft a well-rounded list of the “2024 World’s Best Cities.”

London topped the overall Livability and Lovability indices, excelling particularly in social media engagement metrics like Instagram hashtags, Facebook check-ins, and TripAdvisor reviews. This strong online presence underscores the city’s global appeal and vibrant local culture. Moreover, London’s transport infrastructure, notably the London Underground, has bounced back to near pre-pandemic operations. The expansion of the Elizabeth line, with new metro stops connecting key areas from Reading and Heathrow to Abbey Wood and from Shenfield to Paddington, including the opening of the new Bond Street station, has notably enhanced the city’s accessibility.

Paris, securing the second spot, is recognized for its visionary sustainability projects and its role as the host city for this summer’s Olympic Games. However, the city faces significant challenges like high unemployment and a high poverty rate, factors that have kept it from the top position.

The third and fourth places were claimed by New York and Tokyo, respectively, with each city celebrated for its unique blend of cultural richness and dynamic urban environment. Singapore, ranking fifth, continues to draw tourists with its robust public transport system, vibrant attractions, and low crime rate.

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2024’s top 10 best cities around the world

world's best cities 2024

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  1. London (UK)
  2. Paris (France)
  3. New York (USA)
  4. Tokyo (Japan)
  5. Singapore
  6. Dubai (UAE)
  7. San Francisco (USA)
  8. Barcelona (Spain)
  9. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  10. Seoul (South Korea)

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Find out for yourself as to why these places made it to the world’s best cities 2023. If you’re planning your travels for the coming year, consider these top-rated cities for an insightful glimpse the most stunning of our global urban landscapes.

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