Western Australia: 5 Places to Visit in the Country’s Largest State

Tourism Western Australia’s Newest Initiative Aims to Invite Travellers Back to the State 

What does it mean to be ‘Walking On A Dream’? Western Australia answers that.

Walking on a dream: certainly easier said than done, and not something that every holiday destination can achieve. That said, which destination can evoke such otherworldly sentiments, and make you feel as if you’ll forget about daily life back home? With this new global campaign, Western Australia certainly believes it’s their state that will make you feel like you’re Walking On A Dream.

In particular, the campaign targets travellers from Singapore, i.e. the state’s largest market of tourists in 2022. For many Singaporeans, travelling is all about getting out of the cityscape and venturing to landscapes few would see back home. That said, whether it’s your first or nth time in Western Australia, Walking On A Dream presents the state as so much more than just Perth

Here’s a glimpse into the ethereal wonder and beauty of the state. If you listen carefully to the accompanying track, you’ll realise how the campaign got its name: with inspiration from the award-winning hit by Western Australian music duo, Empire of the Sun. 

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Places to visit in Western Australia

rottnest island quokka

Rottnest Island

When you’re in Western Australia, expect “a wealth of extraordinary experiences from wine discoveries to Aboriginal immersions, from high-end dining to shopping or swimming with whale sharks, and everything in between.” This comes from Ava Ang, Tourism WA Singapore and Malaysia Country Manager, who spoke at the campaign launch on 17 Nov 2022.   

That said, as you journey from The Kimberley in the north to Margaret River in the south, these places to visit in Western Australia will definitely make the region worthy of a visit — or two. 

1. North West

places to visit western australia the kimberley

Purnululu National Park

Straddling the North West of Australia is The Kimberley region, aka one of the world’s true wilderness areas. The overwhelming beauty is in its sparse wilderness, and the region is also the place to have an authentic Aboriginal experience. 

Drive through the 660-kilometre-long Gibb River Road, an untouched terrain making for an epic road trip in Australia. Along the way, go on a camel ride along Cable Beach at sunset, known to be one of the world’s best beaches. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Purnululu National Park, home to Bungle Bungle Range, a major landform that’s among the world’s most unique attractions. Be sure to stop at Broome, the gateway to Kimberley wilderness. 

All in all, look forward to an awe-inspiring wilderness adventure that you’ll never forget. 

2. South West

places to visit western australia margaret river

Margaret River

On the other end of Western Australia (in the South West) lies the world’s most indulgent culinary and spectacular coastal destination: Margaret River. It’s where you’ll get quality wine, fine restaurants, and fresh produce, meaning you’ll never go hungry. 

On top of that, a whole host of outdoor activities await you, like whale watching, surfing, rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, and more. Basically, Margaret River is one of the places to visit in Western Australia for both a scenic and gastronomic feast — regardless of the season. 

Fun fact: Margaret River (aka one of the country’s top-producing wine regions) is responsible for more than 25% of Australia’s premium wine! 

3. Golden Outback

Cape Le Grand National Park

(L-R): Esperance; Frenchman’s Peak | Image credit (L-R): s_porter01 via Canva Pro; Photon-Photos via Canva Pro

In New South Wales you’ve got the beaches of Sydney, but in Western Australia, you’ve got the Esperance in the Golden Outback

Start in Cape Le Grand National Park and head down the 20-kilometre Le Grand Coastal Trail to see the region’s most picturesque coastlines and vantage points. Start near Lucky Bay, Australia’s whitest beach, then head to Frenchman’s Peak, a steep summit offering panoramic views over pristine waters. 

To amp up your time here, go on a helicopter tour to Middle Island, viewable from afar with its world-famous, glistening bubblegum pink Lake Hillier

Fun fact: Middle Island is part of the Recherche Archipelago (aka Bay of Isles), which is a string of 105 untouched granite islands off the coast of Esperance. 

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4. Coral Coast

Ningaloo Reef

Calling all sea creature lovers and diving enthusiasts: Ningaloo Marine Park in the Coral Coast of Western Australia is the place to be! The 300-kilometre-long Ningaloo Reef resides here, which means plenty of underwater wonders like coral gardens and colourful fish to snorkel among. 

More than that, you can even interact and swim with sea creatures all year round at the beaches of Coral Bay or Exmouth! Whale sharks are abundant between March and August, while humpback whales swim in these waters every August to October. Visitors can even swim with manta rays year-round. 

At the top of this biologically diverse marine environment, you’ll also find the limestones and gorges of Cape Range National Park; here, camping and hiking are popular activities.  

5. Perth

places to visit western australia perth

Perth City

Finally, of all the places to visit in Western Australia, you can’t leave without spending some time in Perth. For one, you’ll never get bored in the country’s sunniest capital city with its impressive food and craft beer scene. Plus, the heritage streetscapes and laneways in Fremantle and the CBD make for an ideal photo backdrop — especially at night.

If it’s your second visit to Perth, we recommend experiencing the city through a different lens: by going on a cultural walking tour with an Aboriginal guide. 

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Ultimately, by tapping on the fact that “87% of Singapore leisure visitors to Western Australia were [there] on a return visit during pre-COVD,” what Ang hopes for is that “the new campaign will inspire Singapore residents to travel beyond Perth and discover new experiences.”

Information and images extracted from a press release by Tourism Western Australia, unless otherwise stated. 

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