Stunning Views of the Sydney Harbour that will take your Breath Away

Stunning Views of the Sydney Harbour that will take your Breath Away

Want to know how Sydney looks like from 134m above ground? Bridgeclimb Sydney shows us the best spots to witness the beautiful skyline!

The best views of a city’s skyline are usually from high above. This is especially true for Sydney, which looks absolutely marvellous from a whopping 134 metres above the ground.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, which acts as a link between the city centre and the North Shore, is the world’s tallest steel arch bridge. This important structure, which sees about 200,000 cars passing through it each day, is synonymous with Sydney’s breathtaking skyline. The best way to experience it? Well, climb it of course!

Image credit: Jason James

Just imagine the view! Whether you do it alone or with your group of friends and family, scaling the Harbour Bridge with BridgeClimb Sydney would definitely be an adventure of a lifetime.

From the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you can see…

Circular Quay

Image credit: Merbabu

The iconic Sydney Opera House,

Image credit: Mertie

And the skyline of Sydney and beyond!

Or scale the summit at sunset, as the skies turn from bright blue to pastel orange.

If you like city lights, the night-time panoramic views will simply astound you…

Imagine inching up the Harbour Bridge, step by step,

And ascending the arches all the way to the summit.  Along the way, you will come to appreciate that the architecture of the Harbour Bridge is just as beautiful as the views it offer.

Image credit: aurelio candido

There’s really nothing quite like seeing Sydney from 134 metres above the ground.

There really isn’t. We promise you.

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If you’re headed to Sydney, check out the various fun climbs they offer. For example, the Karaoke Climb!

Yes, belt out to your favourite Chinese and K-Pop tunes during the Climb. How quirky and cool is that?

To end it all off, here’s a video to get you lusting after your own BridgeClimb Sydney experience!

Don’t these visuals just make you wish you were on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge now? Imagine the thrill that will run through you as you look out at Sydney’s beautiful skyline! So go on, book your BridgeClimb Sydney experience! An adventure awaits you.

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