25 Photos to Make You Wonder Why You Haven’t Visited Singapore Yet

25 Photos to Make You Wonder Why You Haven’t Visited Singapore Yet

Brace yourself for an eye feast of a lifetime with these photos of Singapore.

With over 20 million visitor arrivals per year, Singapore’s no stranger to inbound travellers. But there are still people who, for whatever incomprehensible reasons, are not visiting this beautiful nation yet. And since listing the reasons to visit Singapore is going to take us forever, we’ll let the pictures do the talking.

1. MICA Building

If you think this is pretty, wait till you see the windows light up in their full glory at night.

2. Infinity Pool, Marina Bay Sands

Image credit: Mehdi AIT

3. The Westin

Image credit: The Westin Singapore

4. Indian Heritage Centre

Image credit: Indian Heritage Centre

This newly built heritage centre isn’t just a museum showcasing the diversity of Indian art forms, but an architectural gem that comes to life at night.

5. Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

Image credit: awee_19

6. Shophouses at Little India

Amidst the street’s temples and shophouses lies this multi-storey technicolour dream.

7. Haw Par Villa

Image credit: Walter Lim

Most museums will leave you feeling all cultured and refined, but this one’s going to mind-boggle the hell out of you.

8. HDB Flats

Image credit: cegoh

Given the massive geographical area that HDB flats take up in our meagre land size, they sure are under-visited by tourists. These gaudy coloured public housing may not be the prettiest, but they serve as the building blocks (quite literally) of our unique little city. Definitely worth a tour or two.

9. Night city skyline

Image credit: Chenisyuan

10. Gardens by the Bay

Image credit: Cegoh

Gardens by the Bay is a horticultural mega project featuring solar-powered and climate-controlled flower domes; the most dramatic man-made forest you’ll walk through.

11. Haji Lane

Image credit: Karen

12. Tiong Bahru

Graffiti? We take street art to a new level.

13. Bugis Street

Image credit: William Cho

14. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Image credit: NUS

15. Central Business District

Image credit: inmacus

When you set foot on the grounds of a country that outranks the world with its investment potential, of course you have to check out its busiest financial district.

16. Henderson Waves

Image Credit: Schristia

Skyscrapers and high-rise architecture aren’t the only thing we are good at.

17. Chinatown Street

Image credit: Guo Qi

18. Chinatown Shophouses

Image credit: Stephen Bugno

19. Sentosa

Image Credit: Luke Ma

You wouldn’t imagine a fast-paced metropolitan city to have beaches like this, would you?

20. Kampong Buangkok

Image Credit: Jnzl’s Public Domain Photos

And a kampong too?

21. Punggol Waterway

Image credit: Waterwoods

22. Punggol Stables

Image credit: We Are Spaces

23. Little Guilin

Image credit: William Cho

This abandoned quarry – a little slice of Guilin, China – in Western Singapore is a favourite chilling spot for anglers, photographers and apparently, skinny-dippers.

24. Chinese Botanic Gardens

Image credit: xsnowdog

25. The best for the last

We’re cheating a little on this one. But if the 23 points above are not convincing, Singapore’s dining scene alone suffices to have you getting your tickets here pronto.

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