3 Ways Travelling Will Benefit Your Child

3 Ways Travelling Will Benefit Your Child

Travelling with kids is ultimately good for your child. Find out the top three ways your little ones will benefit from exploring the world.

You’re convinced that travelling is a way to add some excitement to your life — but your kids may see it as a disruption in their lives that forces them to miss out on everything back home. Don’t worry, though, dear parent – you are indeed doing the right thing.

In case you need some reminders of why travelling is so good for your kids, here are a few.

They’ll appreciate what they have

Take one trip on a dusty bus and your kids will probably never again complain about taking the train downtown, or having to sit next to their brother in the car. Spend a few days among the hustle and bustle of a foreign city, and the kids will probably relish in spending a few quiet days at home. Giving your kids that new perspective is a great way to get them to compare it to what they have at home – and ultimately to appreciate home too.

They’ll be more willing to try new things

When you’re in a foreign land, there’s no getting around the fact that that food, drinks, and even the air will be different. They may not be very adventurous at first, but spend enough time abroad and they’ll probably meet other kids who don’t balk at trying raw fish or drunken noodles or other delicacies. When that sense of adventure hits, look out parents: you might have a future wandering nomad on your hands.

They’ll be better communicators

If you spend long enough abroad, your kids will probably start learning the local languages – and that’s going to benefit them in many ways. For one, bilingual people typically use both hemispheres of their brains at the same time, meaning they’re using more of their brains at any given time. Even if you’re not gone long enough to study a language, teaching your kids the power of non-verbal communication can help them be better communicators overall, and teach them the power of a smile or a simple gesture of friendship.

Once you’ve started travelling with your family, you’ll probably have a lot more things to add to this list. Feel free to share them in the comments below!


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