Digital Nomads Can Now Apply for a One-Year Permit to Work in Croatia!

Digital Nomads Can Now Apply for a One-Year Permit to Work in Croatia!

Working one whole year in Dubrovnik, Split, or Hvar doesn't sound bad at all.

Croatia’s honestly one of the most breathtaking countries in Europe I’ve ever seen. It’s a shame it isn’t as popular as other EU destinations like France, Spain, and Italy. But I suppose its semi-underrated quality only adds to its allure. This chill, medieval island country should always be part of your itinerary if you’re planning a trip to the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Aside from Dubrovnik being a filming location of Game of Thrones, there’s so much to see, from Croatia’s coastal culture to its signature terracotta roofs. 

So, here’s some good news for digital nomads: For one whole year, you have the chance to enjoy everything Croatia has to offer and work on your laptops with the Adriatic Sea at your doorstep. Croatia recently passed a law that allows digital nomads to apply for a one-year residency via a special permit and visa. And yes, this is applicable as we speak! 

Things to know about Croatia’s special visa for digital nomads

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What does Croatia mean by “digital nomads”?

According to Euronews, Croatia’s new legislation defines digital nomads as people living outside of the EU and working in communication technology, who are either remote employees or have their own company abroad. 

Where can you apply for Croatia’s digital nomad visa?

Passport holders who need a tourist visa to enter Croatia must apply for the special permit abroad at a Croatian embassy or consulate. Meanwhile, passport holders who don’t need a tourist visa to enter Croatia may also apply for the permit at a Croatian embassy/consulate, or at the closest police station from where they are staying in Croatia. 

The advantage for those who don’t need a Croatian tourist visa is that they are naturally welcome to stay as tourists in Croatia for 90 days, and can apply for the permit in Croatia to extend their stay for another 12 months. 

Everyone can submit the initial form online here, regardless of physical location. 

What do you need when applying for the special digital nomad visa?

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You need to prepare the following documents:

  • The completed application provided by the police, embassy or consulate
  • Proof of purpose
  • Copy of valid passport
  • Government-issued background check from your home country
  • Marriage certificate if applicable
  • Proof of valid health insurance that covers the entire term of your permit
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Croatian address

To know more about the requirements and fees in detail, check out the Expat in Croatia website.

Other things to keep in mind

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  • Foreign digital nomads cannot legally work for any Croatian company through the special digital nomad visa.
  • Close family members are welcome to join the applicant, provided the family supplies the essential documents such as marriage certificates for spouses and birth certificates for children. 
  • The special digital nomad visa is valid for one year; however, you may also stay for only six months. It’s important to state your desired length of stay in your application. 

The pandemic has been tough for all of us, but digital nomads have at least one thing going for them and that’s the opportunity to apply for special working visas like this. If you’d like to take this chance to work and explore Croatia, we recommend you check out these Airbnbs. And after that, get inspired and read about why Croatia’s the perfect place to be during the summer. Good luck!

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