23 Photos that Will Make Your Miss Japan So Badly

23 Photos that Will Make You Miss Japan So Badly

It’s time to relive the great memories that you had in Japan.

Yes, we all know that Japan is awesome and those of us who have been there are always reliving those wonderful memories. If only we can take off at a moment’s notice to make our way back to Japan. Alas, this is often not possible. So let’s just sit back, look at some nostalgic photos and rekindle the romance that we had with Japan.

1. Remember the amazing Japanese food you once had everyday?

Image Credits: Kana Hata

The most fabulous sushi, ramen, gyoza…

2. And how the cherry blossoms made everything seem magical?

Image Credits: Yasunari Nakamura

3. The fabulous Onsens

Image Credits: John G. Cramer III

4. And the summer festivals that are a whirlwind of colour

Image Credits: Karlo Camero

5. The most beautiful night skylines.

Image Credits: Alessandro Baffa

6. The mind-blowing technology and not to mention the speedy trains

Image Credits: Ian Lewis    

7. As well as old world charm with majestic castles

Image Credits: jamesjustin

8. And beautiful shrines

Image Credits: www.karlocamero.com

9. Where else in the world will you find a tunnel literally made of gates?

Image Credits: jpellgen

10. And geishas strolling casually on the streets

Image Credits: www.japanexperterna.com

11. Even the layperson will wear yukata during the spring festivals

Image Credits:  Hansel and Regrettal

12. There are small and quaint towns in Japan to explore

Image Credits: Christian Kaden

13. And there is no lack of interesting places in Japan – like this art island that takes art to a whole new level

Image Credits: Todd Lappin

14.  In Japan, you can visit a cat island

Image Credits: Rahen Z

15. Or even a rabbit island

Image Credits:
Laura Appleyard

16. The funkiest (and best) fashions can be found in Japan

Image Credits: Extra Medium

17. And the people are awesome – they always queue up in an orderly manner

Image Credits: gullevek

18. And they will show respect (even to animals) by bowing

Image Credits: gwaar    

19. Japan has it all. From a sea of flowers…

Image Credits: kobaken++

20. To beautifully maintained gardens that are literally “living art pieces”

Image Credits: Austronesian Expeditions    

21. Japan even has unique forests with sounds that are considered national treasures

Image Credits: Alex Chen

22. Let’s not forget about the pristine beaches

Image Credits:

23. And the awe-inspiring mountains

Image Credits: Toshihiro Gamo

How badly are you missing Japan now? Bad enough to book that flight ticket to relive all these experiences and create some new, fantastic memories to bring back with you?

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