Malaysian Bus Drivers Go on Strike at Johor Checkpoint

Malaysian Bus Drivers Go on Strike at Johor Checkpoint

Malaysian bus drivers reportedly went on strike earlier this morning at the Johor checkpoint, creating heavy traffic congestion and temporarily halting bus services from Singapore to Johor.

Malaysian bus drivers bringing factory workers and students into Singapore reportedly went on strike this morning (August 1) at the Johor checkpoint, in protest of the raised toll charges introduced by the Malaysian government.

Johor Checkpoint
Malaysian buses stopping at the Johor Checkpoint, blocking all but one of the lanes.
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According to reports, the bus drivers stopped their vehicles by the Johor checkpoint and refused to continue their journey into Singapore, creating heavy traffic congestion in the area. Passengers on the buses were forced to disembark and walk the long distance to Singapore in order to board buses to their schools and workplaces.

The Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) sent an advisory at 8.05am saying that the bus services 160, 170, 170X and 950 would be halting their journey into Johor Bahru.

Latest reports say that the traffic situation has recovered, and LTA also announced at 10.11am that all four affected bus services have resumed normal operations into Johor Bahru.

Frequent commuters between Singapore and Malaysia are getting the hit for the hike in tolls. What do you think is the best solution for this group of commuters, especially those shuttling by public transport?

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