Tokyo Shopping: 10 of the City's Lesser-Known Shopping Districts

Tokyo Shopping: 10 of the City’s Lesser-Known Shopping Districts

Enjoy a refreshing shopping experience in the capital of Japan.

When it comes to shopping in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, many travellers instinctively think of places such as Shibuya, Harajuku, Ginza, Akihabara, and Shinjuku. These are amazing shopping districts, but if you’re interested in shopping spots that are more low-key or sell unique items, stay tuned. This article highlights some of the lesser-known shopping districts in Tokyo and what you can expect to buy there!

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Lesser-known shopping districts to check out in Tokyo

1. Jiyugaoka

jiyugaoka tokyo

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Jiyugaoka is a quaint, fashionable European-style neighbourhood located about 10 minutes away from Shibuya Station. It’s known for its stylish fashion boutiques, interior shops, and sweets shops. If you’re prepared to spend a bit more, Jiyugaoka will be a suitable shopping district. 

One particularly famous shopping street in Jiyugaoka is Marie Claire Street, which mostly offers high-end women’s fashion. You’ll also find a number of shopping malls here, including La Vita Jiyugaoka, The Fullel With Jiyugaoka, Luz Jiyugaoka, and Trainchi Jiyugaoka

If you’re looking for quirky, artistic souvenirs such as gift cards, you can also check out Katakana. The gift shop is known for carrying souvenirs and stationery that are hard to find elsewhere in Tokyo. 

Jiyugaoka is not only a good spot in Tokyo for upmarket shopping; it’s also a pretty estate to sightsee and take Instagrammable photos! Also, if you get hungry while shopping, there are many lovely cafes and bakeries where you can satisfy your cravings. 

2. Nakameguro


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The fashionable district of Nakameguro is as sophisticated as it is trendy. Its abundance of elegant interior stores, trendy clothing shops, and stylish boutiques make it a good shopping spot for aspiring fashionistas and visitors who are interested in developing their personal style.

One of the district’s newest and trendiest offerings is Nakameguro Koukashita, a collective of cool stores, cafes, and restaurants located underneath the railway tracks outside Nakameguro Station. Here, you will find Nakameguro Tsutaya Books, a famous bookstore carrying a good selection of books and lifestyle products.

On top of its stylish shopping spots, Nakameguro is also a beautiful sightseeing attraction. Located by the Meguro River, the district is one of Tokyo’s best cherry blossom viewing spots during springtime, when the sakura trees lining the river bloom beautifully.

Fun fact: Nakameguro is also home to a huge selection of amazing dining options. 

3. Nakano

nakano, tokyo lesser-known shopping districts

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Nakano is a good shopping district for visitors looking for budget shopping in Tokyo. At Nakano, you can find rare collectibles including comics and toys. Here, you’ll find the retro Nakano Broadway, a large shopping complex that’s known for its pop culture merchandise. Nakano Broadway has lots to offer in the areas of manga, anime, toys, vintage collectibles, electronics, and more. 

When it comes to shopping, Nakano is often cited as a more relaxing alternative to the busy district of Akihabara. This makes Nakano suitable for visitors who prefer to shop away from crowds. Additionally, Nakano has a highly accessible location as it’s located less than 10 minutes away from Shinjuku Station by subway. 

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4. Kichijoji


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The district of Kichijoji is a good Tokyo shopping spot for visitors seeking a convenient shopping experience, and visitors who are into vintage shopping. There are lots of stores that are directly connected to Kichijoji Station, so you can easily start shopping from the moment you arrive. 

Beyond the station, you can also venture out onto the streets. For a vintage shopping experience, check out Kichijoji Sunroad, a retro shopping street that crosses the Kichijoji district. Here, you’ll find a variety of goods for sale, including vintage merchandise and clothing. 

Kichijoji is often referred to as “Tokyo’s most desirable neighbourhood,” thanks to its close proximity to the beautiful Inokashira Park, located minutes away from Kichijoji Station. Moreover, the estate has an accessible location, being located near the important districts of Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Shimokitazawa.

5. Odaiba


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For travellers, the artificial island of Odaiba is among the best lesser-known shopping districts in Tokyo to check out. Located less than 40 minutes away from Tokyo Station by rail, Odaiba is home to some huge shopping complexes that offer a huge range of affordable and higher-end retail options. Make sure to check out DECKS Tokyo Beach, Aqua City Odaiba, and Diver City Tokyo Plaza.

odaiba, tokyo lesser-known shopping districts

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Many locals love Odaiba not only for its amazing shopping offerings but also for its beauty. Odaiba is a great sightseeing spot, thanks to its location along the gorgeous Tokyo Bay. Furthermore, the island offers cool entertainment options catering to both children and adults. This makes Odaiba a wonderful place for shopping and having a full day of fun. 

6. Daikanyama


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The stylish neighbourhood of Daikanyama has been dubbed the “Brooklyn of Tokyo” thanks to its unique charm. Also, we think Daikanyama is one of Tokyo’s best lesser-known shopping districts for introverted travellers, as it’s a lot more relaxed and quiet than the nearby Shibuya district. 

Daikanyama’s shopping options are mostly suitable for mid-range to higher-end shopping. One of the district’s best shopping spots is the Daikanyama T-Site. This sprawling complex is home to a wide selection of cool products, including contemporary and vintage music, literature, and media items. 

Within the complex, travellers who are into books, stationery, and vintage publications will like shopping in Daikanyama Tsutaya Books. This massive bookstore is seriously gorgeous and was named one of the world’s most beautiful bookstores back in 2012. Here, you can take your time to browse around in a calming environment before making your purchase. 

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7. Shimokitazawa

shimokitazawa, tokyo lesser-known shopping districts

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For travellers searching for budget and vintage shopping in Tokyo, try heading to Shimokitazawa, a trendy bohemian neighbourhood. Here, you’ll encounter vintage clothing shops, thrift stores, and unique fashion boutiques. 

A popular vintage clothing store in Shimokitazawa is New York Joe Exchange, where different sellers sell their goods at prices below ¥10,000 (S$88.55). The clothes selection is ever-changing and trendy. Another notable vintage clothing outlet is Chicago Shimokitazawa, which offers a wide selection of vintage outfits at prices that won’t break the bank.

8. Ochanomizu


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Musicians and aspiring musicians can head to Ochanomizu, which is known as a good place to shop for high-quality musical instruments. You can find rare vintage instruments, instruments for beginners, second-hand musical instruments, and more! And if you want to find some impeccable “Made in Japan” instruments, Ochanomizu is the place to go. 

Some music shops to consider checking out include Ishibashi Music Ochanomizu Honten and Guitar Planet. Other things you can shop for in Ochanomizu include second-hand ski and snowboard equipment. 

TripZilla tip: To enjoy huge savings on your music instrument purchases, look out for tax-free shops in Ochanomizu. 

9. Nihonbashi

nihonbashi, tokyo lesser-known shopping districts

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Located within walking distance of Tokyo Station and Ginza, the elegant district of Nihonbashi is a nice blend of traditional and modern Tokyo. It used to be a major commercial centre during the Edo period, and today, it is a vibrant shopping spot in which you can find unique items such as kimonos, chopsticks, knives, seaweed, and traditional snacks. In Tokyo, Nihonbashi is one of the city’s busier lesser-known shopping districts

Some notable department stores in Nihonbashi include the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store, the oldest department store in Japan. The district is also home to the Coredo Muromachi building, which offers a selection of traditional and modern craft stores. 

10. Tomigaya


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The final item on this list of lesser-known shopping districts in Tokyo is Tomigaya. Located in the inner neighbourhood of Shibuya, this district is a nice blend of tradition and modernity. This gives Tomigaya a vibe that’s somewhat similar to that of Nihonbashi. In this district, you’ll encounter lots of unique local establishments, including fashion stores, bookstores, and trendy cafes and coffee shops. 

Try checking out Minimal Tomigaya, a store specialising in gourmet chocolates. Another store you can drop by is The Monocle Shop Tokyo, which sells original and select brand apparel, and stationery. 

Tomigaya is quieter than the main streets of Shibuya, which makes it a good shopping option for travellers who prefer to be away from the crowd. Also, the shopping options here are generally more affordable than those in areas like Ginza or Daikanyama.

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So, this article has highlighted ten of Tokyo’s lesser-known shopping districts that are worth checking out. Add them to your next Tokyo itinerary for a cool shopping experience!

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