Japan Is Finally Launching a Digital Nomad Visa — Here's What to Know

Japan Is Finally Launching a Digital Nomad Visa

Work and live in Japan like you’ve always wanted! That is, as long as you earn enough money yearly.

It’s finally happening: Japan is launching a six-month digital nomad visa in March 2024. That means, travellers who want to work-slash-live in the Land of the Rising Sun for an extended period can make it happen this year! While the highly anticipated digital nomad visa was announced as early as last year, the Japanese government is now unveiling the details we’ve all been waiting for. 

Ready to pack your bags? Hold your horses — there are a couple of pretty steep requirements for the highly touted visa. Keep reading to find out if you qualify. (We’re crossing our fingers, too!)

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Japan digital nomad visa: What you need to know

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Before booking your ticket to Tokyo or Osaka, it’s important to note that this visa is currently only available to citizens of 49 countries with a tax treaty with Japan. And yes, this includes Singapore and Malaysia! Passport holders of the US, Canada, and most European nations also qualify. Time to double-check if your passport makes the cut! 

Another steep requirement for the Japan digital nomad visa: proof of annual income of at least ¥10 million (around S$90,560). You read that right; it’s a steep amount that may be a bit beyond an average employee’s salary. This visa targets highly skilled professionals. So, if you’re just starting out in the remote work world, this might not be your dream ticket just yet.

Private health insurance is also mandatory for applicants. But the good news? Spouses and children are allowed to join qualified digital nomads. They’ll also need their own private health insurance, but exploring Japan for six months sounds like the dream family vacation to us! 

Is this the perfect visa for everyone? Maybe not. The income requirement and short duration might exclude some aspiring nomads. 

But for adventurers who qualify and crave a unique cultural experience without skipping a beat in their remote careers, the Japan digital nomad visa is a game-changer. Imagine exploring hidden onsens, indulging in delicious ramen, and witnessing cherry blossoms and fall foliage at their peak beauty — all while still meeting your deadlines. Plus, you won’t have to limit yourself to just a week or two in Japan! Six months gives you plenty of time to tour the beautiful country. Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

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So, if you’re a high-earning remote worker with a thirst for adventure, perhaps it’s time to turn your work-from-anywhere dreams into reality soon. The Land of the Rising Sun awaits, and the Japan digital nomad visa is your ticket to an incredible extended vacation! 

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