Plant Accommodations? There’s Finally a Plant Hotel in London

Plant Accommodations? There’s Finally a Plant Hotel in London

They’ll take care of everything that your plants need while you’re away.

Plant parents, it seems like a hotel for plants in London has finally heard our vacation-related woes. How many times have you been absolutely stoked about an upcoming getaway, only for your excitement to be dampened by one question: “Who’s going to tend to my plants while I’m away?”

Pets and children may join you at your destination. If not, there are babysitting services, pet housing, or even heaven-sent loved ones who’ll willingly take your babies in. You trust them and they’d be more than happy to look after your brood. Perfect.

But with plants, things get a little bit more complicated. There’s absolutely no chance of you lugging them around in your bag on your tours. Sure, there are plenty of helpful babysitters and petsitters, but highly recommended “plantsitters”? Rarer even than your favourite variegated philodendron.

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What about your all too willing friends and family? You can’t expect them to make a trip to your home every few days just to water your plants; and you shouldn’t even consider hauling your entire collection over to their place — that’s inconsiderate. Pet hotels are excellent options for furbabies; how we wish there were plant accommodations, too.

The world’s first plant hotel in London: What you can expect

And that, my fellow plant-loving reader, is the gap so wittingly addressed by Patch Plant Hotel, the world’s first plant hotel that offers accommodations and just the right amount of love for your plant baby.

Patch Plant Hotel offers lodging, meaning an ideal sort of greenhouse-slash-plant nursery type of setting for both indoor and outdoor houseplants. Your plants’ care regimen will be tailored to the specific needs of its species (coupled with how you’ve been taking good care of them, too, of course!). All in all, Patch Plant Hotel promises three core plant care pillars that attentive staff members are trained to carry out:

  • Careful application of a seasonal menu of the best organic fertilisers available
  • Scheduled and precise watering  — “from hand-powered misting to deep tissue soaking” — at the in-house Plant Spa
  • Proper ‘sunning’ and drying at the plant hotel’s climate-controlled areas, where plants get the light and temperatures they need to thrive

Patch Plant Hotel is an offshoot of UK-based plant store Patch, which helps its clients create and curate their own green space at home. It’s an all-in-one platform that assists would-be plant parents with all their needs, from plant sourcing and care tips to finding the right pot for your plant. Now, they’ve taken things up a notch by opening the first-ever plant accommodations; and you can rest easy knowing that your plants are in expert hands, should your botanicals ever get to check-in at their hotel.

In an interview with home improvement website House Beautiful, Patch Plant Hotel’s manager Rose Grower assures clients that theirs is a safe space for beloved greenery. She tells House Beautiful, “The hotel is a sanctuary for your beloved plants. They will be in great company and looked after with the respect and love they so richly deserve. So many of us have asked a friend or family member to water the plants when we’re away, only to return to disappointment — the hotel not only saves your plants, but your relationships too.”

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While Patch is the only plant hotel in the world so far, it has gotten plant parents all over the world giddy about all the budding possibilities. Who knows, the next houseplant accommodation might just sprout in a location near you. Would you ever book your blooms and leafy wards into a plant hotel given the chance?

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