10 Woes of a Trip Planner

10 Woes of a Trip Planner

If you ever had a friend who voluntarily takes care of EVERYTHING when it comes to a group vacation, consider yourself lucky.

We all have that friend, the one who voluntarily takes care of EVERYTHING when it comes to a group vacation. They would spend hours and days on researching, planning and refining the plan (most of them are perfectionists or OCD sufferers) so that all we need to do is to simply show ourselves at the airport on the departure date.

(Before you continue, give them a hug or a good pat on the back. They deserve it.)

While they might not tell you and you might never imagined, they often face these struggles before you and the other freeriders (ehhh…at least we’ve helped to decide where to go at the first place, no?) can happily go on a worry-free vacation:

1. It takes forever to decide on the travel dates.

We can never buy the cheapest air ticket because of someone. Never take the least necessary leave because of someone. Have to cancel that much-anticipated date because of someone. And someone has a bad track record of last-minute withdrawal, so the majority rule is less reliable at certain times you see.

2. Another eternity to decide on the travel destination.

Because everyone in the group be like: I want to

They will come out with a looooong list of places to go, so long that they can’t vote for their favourite destination. Even if they vote, the result can be rather inconclusive because of a tie (ohhh nooo) or a strong preference (when someone really insist). Again, the majority rule fails.

3. And then someone decides not to go.

“Sorry, I cmi. ”

Yeah, you should be sorry because now I have to REDO the plan. Again.

4. They either have no ideas at all

Keep repeating the phrase to pretend they’ve read the whole conversation.

5. or they have too many suggestions (read: requests).

I cannot follow every single opinion and I certainly cannot please everyone in the group. You can plan if you think you have better ideas. GO ON.

6. They can always find ways to ruin your plan.

Don’t tell me plans always fall behind changes. HELL NO. Why don’t you wake up earlier so we wouldn’t miss the sunrise and then the bus to town and EVERYTHING?!

7.  And yet they have so much to complain.

It’s not like you’ve contributed anything so please, SHUT UP AND STOP COMPLAINING, will ya?

8. They expect you to know EVERYTHING…

So now I am a paid tour guide? Your personal assistant? Your mum? OR THE HUMAN GOOGLE?!

9. …including photography.

They will ask you to make them look thinner, taller, fancier, fairer, more beautiful and more Instagrammable…and if you don’t, you are doomed. You are the WORST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER.

10. Last but not least, HEY WE DO IT FOR FREE YOU KNOW?!

With all the time and effort…oh wait, and all the DEPOSITS (hotel, car rental, entrance tickets etc, nothing can happen without moneeeyyy you see, so have you cleared your balance my dear???) we’ve put in to make this long-awaited group vacation happen, this is all we want from you:

IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR? Then at least this:

Your appreciation is what keeps us trip planners motivated and delightfully(?) engaged. Keep your gratitude coming or at least keep your attitude aside and there we have it, happy vacation to all of us!

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A Malaysian Chinese currently studying Economics at National University of Singapore, Jojo spent almost half a year travelling around Japan under the guise of an exchange student (oops). She studies hard (very very hard) during the school term and makes sure to reward herself a trip every semester, be it a local staycation or an overseas adventure (when she saves enough from all her random part-time jobs). She will never let fear or insecurity stop her from trying new things – until the day that she finally finds her true passion.