What Not to Wear on a Plane to Keep Comfortable While Flying

12 Things You Should Never Wear on a Plane

Don’t overthink airport fashion!

“What can you not wear on a plane?” This is something that rarely ever goes through the mind of most travellers. With so many pre-flight things to remember (or even worry about), it’s probably the last thing on your mind. Most airports employ loose dress codes for passengers. Still, it doesn’t mean that the plane aisle is your fashion walk runway (but we totally get it).

Since airports are always hectic places, it would be in your best interest to wear safe, convenient, and comfortable clothes. It would definitely be beneficial to learn what not to wear on a plane because it might save you from a sticky situation. Plan that airplane OOTD accordingly!

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What not to wear on a flight when it comes to apparel

1. Offensive shirts

what not to wear on a plane

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Offensive shirts (or anything similar) are an obvious choice for what not to wear on a plane. Prints laced with graphic or clear profanities and imagery will likely get you kicked out of a plane, let alone in an airport. Casting judgment and suspicion is much faster when wearing these shirts, even when not in an airport. So, be mindful of those statement shirts or you might stay grounded on the tarmac!

2. Shirts with bombs or explosions for printed graphics

what not to wear on a plane

As a rule, paranoia-inducing images on shirts are very good examples of what not to wear on a flight. While mere passengers might not mind seeing a shirt with a bomb or explosion graphic, airport security will likely glare and ask questions about it. Anything and everything about bombs and explosions inside an airport and a plane will instantly have authorities on high alert. As they should, since no one wants a bomb anywhere! 

Stripes suddenly sound better as a fashion choice, huh?

3. Pyjamas

what not to wear on a plane

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While we did say “wear something comfortable,” it isn’t to the point of actually sleeping in a bed. Airports are still a public place and as such, you’re expected to wear appropriate clothes. And with the volume of people inside airports, light materials used in most pyjamas might break or tear. It’s infinitely better to wear something much more tensile than sleepwear! 

However, if you can afford it, there are business-class flights that provide pyjamas as part of their amenity packages. These instances might be the exception to the rule when wearing pyjamas on planes. But make sure to dress properly again once you alight the aircraft. 

4. Tight clothing

what can you not wear on a plane

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Tight clothing has all the potential to be a fashionable showstopper. But at an airport, you’ll want to prioritise mobility. Whether they’re shorts, tops, or pants with belts, tight clothing will hug the body, which is likely to impede movement. There are exceptions to this, of course, such as leggings or compression shirts, which could actually make moving more comfortable. 

The airport is a frenetic environment and you will have to keep up with its pace if you want to make it to departure. Moving around a plane is no different either, especially if it only has a single aisle as a walkway.

5. Swimwear

what not to wear on a flight

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If you’re headed to tropical destinations, you’re probably excited to wear a swimsuit. But hold that excitement until landing on the island tarmac at least. There are a few airlines that will prevent passengers from boarding should they wear their trunks or bikinis right away. One such airline comes from the tropical paradise itself, Hawaiian Airlines. Fortunately, covering yourself is an option when inside the plane so have those Hawaiian-print shirts and shawls at the ready!

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6. Heavy coats or jackets

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If your outwear is too hulking, it is a textbook example of what not to wear on a plane. We’re sure that there are no restrictions when it comes to wearing heavy coats and jackets, especially when flying from winter destinations. But again, the importance of comfort cannot be stressed enough inside an aircraft. It will be difficult to move around with a coat in such a limited space and will likely disturb your seatmates.

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7. Single-layer clothing

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While we do ask to ditch trench coats when boarding a plane, it can also get cold inside an aircraft. It would be wise for you to bring a much lighter article of clothing compared to a long coat! Make sure that you’re not wearing only a single layer of clothing.

A jacket, a cardigan, or even a simple shawl, would do. If you don’t want to compromise your drip, a blazer would look sharp while keeping cool! Should you happen to wear a sweater or a hoodie while boarding a plane, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

8. Jumpsuits and overalls

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While they can look cute, wearing jumpsuits or overalls inside a plane will be a nightmare. Even thinking about going to the lavatory in a onesie will be agonising. Can you imagine all the buttons you have to undo, only for the straps to fall off in a teensy restroom high above in the air? Don’t even think about it — and you’re welcome for the advice.

What else not to wear on a plane

9. Heels

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Footwear should be an important consideration when it comes to what not to wear on a plane. Generally, it’s ideal to wear casual and comfortable shoes. Wearing heels in an airport or plane could pose a problem when it comes to mobility and comfort since some steps are uneven. But hey, if you can pull off heels in an airplane, then all of our style points to give belongs to you!

10. Open-toe footwear

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If it won’t keep you protected, or if it exposes you to hazards, it is an automatic consideration for what not to wear on a plane. Flip-flops are a joy to wear because they’re so comfortable but these won’t offer much protection for your feet. The toes of your feet will be susceptible to bumps inside an aircraft’s limited legroom and flip-flops won’t do much protection if that happens. If shoes aren’t your type, another comfortable alternative is a pair of cosy foam clogs!

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11. Jewellery

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Jewellery is always fun to wear but consider taking them off when inside an airport. In fact, if the  jewellery you’re wearing is on the bulkier, airport security will likely ask you to take it off. This is because the metal melded in these ornate accessories would set off metal detectors. So, just keep them inside your carry-on bag to avoid a potential disturbance!

12. Perfume

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You can mean well when wearing perfume but it can be a potential hazard to fellow passengers. Its scent can spread fast inside an airplane, which could trigger certain allergies for seatmates. If you really want to wear fragrance, be sure not to apply too much. An overbearing amount of perfume can be very irritating rather than a pleasant olfactory experience.

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Being inside an airplane can be a nerve-wracking experience. Fortunately, the wardrobe you choose to wear can help you relax in the midst of confusion. Just take note of what not to wear on a plane. Learning these tips ensures that your departures and arrivals won’t be turbulent!

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