Airport No-nos: Pet Peeves You Wish Passengers Would Stop Doing

12 Airport Pet Peeves You Wish People Would Stop Doing

Don’t be a jerk at the airport.

I’ve always been wide-eyed about travel — I personally see airports as gateways to bright beginnings and adventure.

Others see them as business portals that’ll get them where they need to be.

But for many frequent travellers, airports are hellish halls where people gather to inconvenience each other before taking off and as soon as they land. Why, you ask? Beats me.

I’ve heard of so many airport horrors that I brace myself for the unthinkable each time I step into one. But really, airports should be comfortable and convenient — a safe place for sitting tight between coming and going. The experience ought to be painless. If only people stopped these annoying airport habits that’ll earn them the title of WORST passenger ever.

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1. Not staying in the queue, or worse, cutting in line

Can you spell impatient? Everyone has their fair share of waiting time. It’s simple math: the later you arrive, the farther down you are in the queue. This nasty habit of impatience doesn’t only apply to airports. Remember, instead of cutting in line, CUT. IT. OUT.

2. Turning seats into beds, bag shelves, or footstools

Say it with me — seats are for sitting on. They’re there to make waiting more comfortable for everyone. No one will even fault you for taking a nap while you’re seated. Just don’t turn that bench into a bed. And no, you can’t put your feet up on them either. Lastly, please put your bags on the floor, or on your lap. That chair can seat another person whose legs might be cramping from all the waiting in line. Be considerate. But lucky you if you find a reclined seat that’s empty.

3. Having zero regards for personal space

We totally get that space can get pretty cramped especially when it’s peak season. But do you really have to stand that close to the person next to you?

4. Littering

Yes, airports have custodians who make sure everything’s spick-and-span, but it also wouldn’t hurt to clean as you go, my friend. Would you like it if your seat had some mysterious sticky substance on it? No? I thought so.

5. Forcing small talk

There’s a fine line between being friendly and being too chatty. When making friends at the airport or on a flight, try to gauge if the person you’re talking to is receptive. If not, let’s keep awkward conversations to a minimum.

6. Talking too loudly

Some people arrive at the airport already dog-tired, so let’s help them out by keeping it down. But generally talking in a moderate voice is what’s polite — no exceptions.

7. Blocking the way

People at the airport are always on the move so make sure you don’t make things even more inconvenient by blocking walkways, corridors, stairs, doors, etc. You get the picture. Learn to give way.

8. Quarrelling in public

Travelling takes its toll on everyone. At some point, patience is tested and tempers rise, especially for people vacationing in packs. If this happens and you’re at the airport, wait until you get to somewhere more private. That video of your spat might become viral for all the world to see.

9. Being rude to flight attendants and airport staff

That cancelled flight doesn’t give you a free pass to be a jerk. Travel has its highs and its lows, and sometimes a delayed flight will mean you’ll be waiting longer than expected. It happens. Don’t give other people hell for it. If you must, just write a strongly-worded letter of complaint to your airline’s customer service.

10. Not giving way to senior citizens, pregnant women, children, and PWDs

Senior citizens, pregnant women, children, and persons with disability are given priority across the globe. This courtesy remains unchanged in airports, so be a dear and keep it in mind.

11. Unbuckling and getting luggage when seatbelt light is still on

This happens on board the plane, but technically, you’re already at the airport once you’ve landed. Just chill and follow instructions — we’re all going to get down at some point. Do you think you’re going anywhere when the pilot hasn’t even finished parking at the tarmac yet?

12. Getting mad when someone calls you out…for being wrong

I always like stressing this in any article that touches on etiquette. I just find it funny when people are offended the second they’re told that they’ve broken house rules. When management politely calls you out for being wrong, do apologise and address what needs correcting.

That said, I think it’s time for a little bit of introspection. If you (or your friends) are guilty of these habits, know what needs to be done to avoid these major airport boo-boos. Otherwise, do the world a favour and please just stay at home.

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