Top Weekend Destinations to Visit for Under $500 Including Flights!

Top Weekend Destinations to Visit for Under $500 Including Flights!

You don’t have to shell out the big bucks for a fantastic weekend getaway!

If you’re tired of being jealous of your colleagues’ endless trips and staycations, why not take one for yourself too? A mini holiday is a perfect way to cure yourself of travel envy, and the best part is that you don’t have to break the bank for it! Using Skyscanner, an online tool to search for the cheapest airfares, hotel stays and convenient routes, we looked up flights and accommodation for the month of October 2019 and we found plenty of destinations that cost less than $500, all-in. Here’s how to find your own cheap flights for your next trip:

  1. Go to Skyscanner
  2. Select your starting point
  3. Choose your preferred destination

  4. When selecting a departure date, click on “Whole month” and then choose “Cheapest month” to find the cheapest time to visit your destination
  5. Then hit “Search flights” to kickstart your booking

Now let’s check out some of the destinations that are worth going, even if you’re on a tight budget!


1. Kaohsiung

 Image credit: Yoshitaka Ando

Cheapest return flight price to Kaohsiung: $224
Average cost of hotels in Kaohsiung: $45 – $88

Khan Hotel
Less than 10 minutes away from Liuhe Night Market and a five-minute drive from Kaohsiung Railway Station, Khan hotel connects you to the city’s hotspots while providing comfortable accommodation to relax in. The rooms come with a private bathroom, slippers, toiletries and hairdryer, with cable TV plugged in to enjoy.

B612 Hostel
Situated in Yancheng District, B612 Hostel is the perfect base to explore Kaohsiung and its surroundings from. Committed to ensuring a comfortable stay, the hostel has a range of amenities and services available. If that’s not enough, the adorable murals decorating the hostel is sure to lift spirits!

Spending Money: $150
Food is surprisingly cheap in Taiwan, averaging around $6 for a meal. A one-ticket train ticket doesn’t cost more than a dollar, while taxi fares start around $3.70, and subsequently costs $0.90 per km.

Don’t forget to check out these attractions!

  1. Ruifeng Night Market
  2. Dome of Light

Book your flight to Kaohsiung here

2. Bangkok

 Image credit: Roberto Trombetta

Cheapest return flight price to Bangkok: $130
Average cost of hotels in Bangkok: $32 – $40

Picnic Hotel Bangkok – Rang Nam
Feel right at home with Picnic Hotel Bangkok which gives you both quality accommodation and great service! Its strategic location also means you get to easily access the city’s must-visit places!

Sunny Residence
You won’t believe how affordable this place is when you step into one of the bedrooms, tastefully furnished from top to toe filled with all the comforts you’d need. Plus, you can even get a massage at the hotel.

Spending Money: $150
Bangkok is one of the best places in Asia for cheap and tasty food, so if you eat like a local, your meals can be as cheap as $1 – $4, while higher-end meals cost only around $15. BTS and MRT tickets cost around $0.60, and taxis are as cheap as $1.50, as long as you’re willing to tolerate Bangkok’s notorious traffic jams.

Don’t forget to check out these attractions!

  1. Dusit Zoo
  2. Chatuchak Market

Book your flight to Bangkok here

3. Ho Chi Minh City

 Image credit: tuan86

Cheapest return flight price to Ho Chi Minh City: $132
Average cost of hotels in Ho Chi Minh City: $23 – $57

Blue River Hotel
A well-kempt environment, Blue River Hotel considers themselves the smart choice for travellers in Ho Chi Minh City. Utmost effort goes into ensuring the best in service and amenities and is an incredible deal for its price.

Hoa Phat Hotel & Apartment
Ideal for fun and relaxation, this hotel even has a private pool, hot tub, spa massage and a kids pool! Along with its incredibly convenient location, you won’t believe staying in this hotel is this affordable.

Spending Money: $150
Ho Chi Minh is also another city filled with plenty of affordable eats! In fact, $20 is more than enough to cover your daily meals, while local transport doesn’t cost more than $10 a day! That’s extra savings to spend at the markets.

Don’t forget to check out these attractions!

  1. Ben Thanh Market
  2. Notre Dame Cathedral

Book your flight to Ho Chi Minh here

4. Langkawi

Cheapest return flight price to Langkawi: $81
Average cost of hotels in Langkawi: $52 – $56

Season Inn Langkawi
Located within the city centre, the hotel is incredibly convenient to get to and from all the places you want to be. After a busy day out, the hotel also offers diving, fishing and other motorised watersports to help you unwind.

Penarak Bamboo Beach Motel
Take advantage of the wealth of services and amenities provided in this hotel! Apart from covering everything you’d need, the hotel also has plenty of recreational activities to do during your stay.

Spending Money: $160
You’d be delighted to know that just $40 is enough to cover your meals for all three days, and a two-day rental for a car shouldn’t cost much more than $50!

Don’t forget to check out these attractions!

  1. Pulau Payar Marine Park
  2. Taman Legenda Langkawi

Book your flight to Langkawi here

5. Kuala Lumpur

 Image credit: Boey Jun Hui

Cheapest return flight price to KL: $49
Average cost of hotels in KL: $15 – $78

Leo Leisure Hotel @ Central Market
If the name wasn’t an obvious enough hint, the hotel is right behind the Central Market and a short distance away from the popular Bukit Bintang area! You don’t have to trade comfort for leisure, and here they give it to you at an incredible price too.

KIP Hotel
Perfect for both business and leisure travellers, KIP Hotel offers easy access to all of the lively city for you to explore. Within the hotel, you’ll also find a fitness centre and a relaxing outdoor pool to enjoy at your own time too!

Spending Money: $120
Food in Kuala Lumpur is amazingly affordable, with $15 being enough to cover an entire day’s meal. A taxi ride also averages around $5 – $8, leaving you plenty of cash to spend on attractions.

Don’t forget to check out these attractions:

  1. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
  2. Hutong

Book your flight to Kuala Lumpur here

6. Yogyakarta

 Image credit: Gunawan Kartapranata

Cheapest return flight price to Yogyakarta: $115
Average cost of hotels in Yogyakarta: $30 – $53

Adhisthana Hotel Yogyakarta
Presenting a modern room with a touch of Javanese, the hotel is so incredibly well-designed and comfortable you’d feel like you’re in a resort instead. It’s also situated close to the iconic Malioboro Street and The Palace of Yogyakarta so everything you want to see is right at your doorstep.

Malioboro Garden Hotel
This is a great choice for travellers interested in city trips, street food and tourist attractions. It’s close to Malioboro Mall, the Scientific Park and other historical museums too! You’ll also be glad to know that they serve a variety of breakfast items including buffet and Asian fare too.

Spending Money: $140
In Yogyakarta, you can comfortably eat, drink and play for just $70 a day! While food and transport are rather affordable, attractions’ fees tend to be slightly pricey.

Don’t forget to check out these attractions!

  1. Prambanan
  2. The Palace of Yogyakarta

Book your flight to Yogyakarta here

7. Manila

 Image credit: JC Gellidon

Cheapest return flight price to Manila: $184
Average cost of hotels in Manila: $75 – $78

Go Hotels Ermita
You’ll find several places of interest like embassies, recreational parks and commercial establishments dotted around the hotel. It’s also a short distance away from the aquatic-themed Manila Ocean Park you ought to check out!

ZEN Rooms Makati Riverside
Known for their friendly staff, clean and comfortable rooms, amenities and convenient location, it’s a popular choice among avid travellers. It’s particularly great for those interested in nightlife, friendly locals and shopping while still having a zen-like homey room to yourself.

Spending Money: $150
In Manila, the food is both cheap and delicious, averaging roughly at $10 a day, though $15 would mean a much more comfortable budget. Transport also costs around $8 a day, depending on how far out you travel. Entertainment here tends to be a bit pricier, though.

Don’t forget to check out these attractions!

  1. Manila Ocean Park
  2. Pasay Seafood Market

Book your flight to Manila here

If any of these spark your interest, all the more you should grab a travel buddy now! Head on over to Skyscanner if you’re looking for more airfare deals!

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