Vision 2040: What Would It be Like to Live in Dubai?

Vision 2040: What Would It be Like to Live in Dubai?

Get a glimpse of Dubai's future.

As you know, Dubai is the Europe of the Middle East due to its innovative landmarks, holding the title of 8th wonder of the world. But today we are going to tell you some facts that will surprise you about Dubai. With its vision of 2040, Dubai is going to introduce itself to the world with its new mega project that will again make the whole world wonderful. Now the question arises: How will Dubai amaze the world? Let us tell you the arguments one by one. 

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Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed recently addressed a cabinet meeting regarding the vision for 2040. 

In the meeting minutes, it was discussed that Dubai will create other wonders like Burj Khalifa and Dubai Palm Island, which will again attract world attention for tourists. Secondly, Dubai is going to introduce a world-class education project to promote talent around the world that will give scholarships to deserving candidates. For this purpose, Dubai will create new colleges, universities, IT parks, and many other departments in all fields of life. 

One of the interesting things about Dubai Vision 2040 is that Dubai will provide tourists and businessmen labour and respect for all, as well as cheap flight ticketsLet us tell you more about that vision, what the world will see, and what kind of message Dubai will receive from the world in return after the completion of this vision in 2040.

Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan

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In an attempt to make up for the lack of natural beauty geographically in Dubai and to improve its ecosystem, Dubai is committed to greening its city. In this Urban Master Plan, Dubai is going to introduce a law that will oblige people who live within Dubai to play an important role in enhancing its greenery. 

Now the question arises as to why Dubai felt the need to implement this law. Let’s give you a fair job. The summer temperature in Dubai is very high geographically due to its desert location. Moreover, the consumption of fuel such as petroleum products and diesel in Dubai is very high, due to which the temperature there rises a lot. 

Keeping all these factors in mind, the Crown Prince has pledged to plant trees within Dubai with the help of the latest technology and other agricultural research centres that will provide people with fresh oxygen and an increase in environmental beauty. Apart from that, these basic reasons for UAE travel will encourage the world to explore it.

Objectives of Urban Master Plan

  • Making up for Dubai’s lack of natural beauty
  • Dealing with climate change
  • A decline in temperature announced
  • Barren and wasteland will be converted into agricultural areas

This Is What Dubai Will Look Like in 2040

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A map of Dubai must have appeared in your mind and heart, which is more interesting than ever because Dubai wants to see itself as people like to see it. He is bringing surprises to the world in Vision 2040, which will make Dubai a region of the world where you will have access to everything that is full of innovation and can captivate the human spirit.

Mega Project of 2040

  • Dubai Metro Blue Line
  •  In 2040: Transformation of  a car-centric city into The Best Cycling City 

Dubai Metro Blue Line

The Metro Blue Line is part of the Dubai 2040 urban master plan. The basic purpose of this project is to create a 20-minute city. Let us discuss this mega project in detail, including its route, capacity, travel, and time — everything you need to know.

  • Service Areas
  • Stations
  • Routes
  • Passenger Capacity
  • Costs And Benefits
  • Rollout Plan

Service Areas

The Blue Line in Dubai will connect the airport with nine areas and five urban centres in return, which will reduce the travel time to 10-25 minutes. It is part of the 2040  Urban Masterplan and is expected to benefit around one million residents.


The Blue Line in Dubai, 30km long with both underground and elevated sections, will have 14 stations, including a major interchange in International City. It will feature a prominent station at Dubai Creek Harbour, designed by the architects of Burj Khalifa. Interchange points include Creek Station, Centrepoint Station, and Dubai International City Station 1.


The Blue Line in Dubai comprises two main routes: a 21km stretch with 10 stations from the Greek Interchange to Academic City and a 9km route with four stations from the Centrepoint Interchange to Dubai International City 1. It also includes a metro depot at Al Ruwayyah 3.

Passenger Capacity

The Blue Line in Dubai is set to handle 56,000 passengers per hour with a 15-minute service interval. By 2029, around 50,000 university students from Academic City are expected to use it. 

Daily passenger numbers are projected to be 200,000 by 2030, increasing to 320,000 by 2040.

Costs and Benefits

Dubai’s Blue Line, costing DH18 billion, will extend the railway network to 131 km with 78 stations. 

It’s expected to bring DH56.5 billion in benefits by 2040, including increased real estate values and reduced traffic congestion by 20%. This project aligns with Dubai’s economic agenda.

Rollout Plan

The tender submission deadline for Dubai’s Blue Line project was 24 Nov. The award announcement is scheduled for next year, with tunnel boring starting in 2025. Trial operations are expected in 2028. The official launch is set for 2029, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the Dubai Metro.

From a Car-Centric City to the World’s Best Cycling City by 2040

If there is any city that can do this, it is Dubai. The Dubai Cycle 2040 is a new cycling masterplan vision by UBR, with more than 100km of various connected cycling infrastructures. The new cycling masterplan aims to make Dubai the world’s most bike-friendly city, surpassing Amsterdam and Copenhagen.


Keeping the facts in mind, we can say with confidence that in the coming days, Dubai will have a bright future, which will lead to an increase in its glory. Because it is also working on Dubai and many other projects under the Urban Master Plan 2040 that the whole world is waiting for. Prepare yourself to double your happiness in the upcoming auspicious days in Dubai.


Q: What is the Dubai Radical Plan for 2040?

A: Dubai’s 2040 master plan aims to create new city centres, green corridors, and 15-minute cities, along with improved public transport, education, and health facilities.

Q: What will the population of Dubai be in 2040?

A: The key outcomes of the Dubi Urban Plan 2040 aim to see a 5.8 million increase in the population, taking the total number of residents in Dubai to 7.8 million by the year 2040.

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