Virtual Tours around Florida's Beaches with Florida Beach Finder

Can’t go to the beach? Bring the beach to your home!

Grab a Margarita, a dose of imagination, and enjoy the (virtual) sea, sand and sun!

Thinking of what to do while quarantined or social distancing amid the Covid-19 pandemic? Why not fulfill your midsummer (or mid-spring) beach day’s dream with the virtual tours around Florida’s beaches!

Miami Beach through the Florida Beach Finder. | Image credit: Florida Beach Finder

Wander through Florida’s beaches with the Florida Beach Finder by Visit Florida. With the adjustment sliders on the homepage — adventurous to laid-back, family friendly to romantic, action-packed to secluded, manicured to au naturel — you can adjust your desired balance of the various beach attributes to find your perfect beach vibe! If you have a favourite beach, you can simply filter through the regions and find your favourite beach.

Stroll (more like, hover) through the beaches with immersive 360-degree images generated using Google Street View. You can even beach hop and walk over 825 miles of Florida’s beaches! In fact, none of these you would be able to do on an actual trip. Now you get to enjoy (imagine) the soft, white sands of Clearwater Beach and the tranquil Gulf waters of Siesta Key Beach with the virtual tours around the best of Florida’s beaches. All from the comfort of your home!

Amid stay-home advisories and lockdowns, aren’t you thankful for technological advances that allow us to stay connected to people and places? From video conferencing to virtual dates, and even virtual museums, nature, historical and cultural tours for quarantined travellers! Who says you can’t have fun while staying home? 

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