10 Different Types of Hikers You Will Meet in the Mountains

10 Different Types of Hikers You Will Meet in the Mountains

Which type of hiker are you?

We have been hiking and camping in the mountains for about three years now. Looking at the view at the top of a mountain is always an exhilarating experience but the journey can be equally rewarding. And the interesting part? You get to meet different types of personalities during your trek, all sharing a love for nature and the mountains. We can’t help but poke fun at these different types of people because we know somehow that we belong to these categorisations.

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Which one do you belong to?

1. The Pack Leader

types of hikersImage credit: Adrian Trendall

The head of the group is also usually the one who organises the climb and stands as the alpha in the pack. Oftentimes, you will feel secure and in great hands with these people because you know that they have been tested by time and experience. They often do the talking with the locals, do the logistics and discuss expectations and make crucial decisions in case of emergency.

2. The Girl/Boy Scout

Everyone loves the girl/boy scout in the troop because you know that they have all the essentials that you think you won’t need but you eventually will during the climb. They have a complete first aid kit, trail food and everything else that you will most likely need, emergency or not.

3. The Minimalist

The complete opposite to the girl/boy scout, the minimalist takes things to the extreme by bringing only the things that they really, truly need. They usually do not have a lot of extra things in their packs, if at all, and would not mind using the same clothes for days.

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4. The Hardcore Climber

types of hikersImage credit: Paolo Mutti

This type of people often climbs mountains every chance they get. Whether it means going out every weekend or to different provinces every time does not matter because they will go and conquer that place. They are often the fittest people in the group and usually time themselves, sometimes to see if they can beat their previous times.

5. The Whiner

These can be very annoying people to go climbing with and they rant and complain the hike for the entire duration of it. Nobody really wants to be with these people because they send off negative vibes and also make you lose motivation and momentum. It’s funny though because despite whining all the time, these people will still be present on the next climb.

6. The Casual Climber

types of hikers

Oftentimes, this type of people are novices in the mountain hiking and climbing scene which is why they usually do not have complete gears and apparel, to begin with. You can see them in their casual attire — tank tops and sometimes jeans and a pair of sneakers.

7. The Selfie Expert

These types of people love taking pictures of themselves with the mountains in the background. Their monopods are a must-have gadget when going to the mountain and their main goal is to find their best angles while showcasing the beauty of nature behind them.

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8. The Photographer

types of hikersImage credit: Gary Crawford

Somewhat similar to the Selfie Expert is the photographer. Although both are trigger happy when they go climbing on mountains, this type of climber usually takes pictures of others or of the view instead of focusing on themselves. When you climb with them, you are sure to get bombarded by a huge number of tags on photos posted on social media.

9. The Heartbroken

types of hikersImage credit: Trekking Rinjani

There are those who climb mountains to get over a heartbreak, in the hopes that the beautiful view will help them forget about their past relationship(s). They usually associate their journey to moving on, which takes one step at a time. At the peak, they ask for some “me time” so they can get lost in their thoughts and heal their broken heart.

10. Overall Mr. Nice Guy/Girl

This is the best person to be with during a climb because he is pure in his intentions and is an overall good person. They will lend you a hand, help you bring your bag and just wait for you and motivate you when you need it. He is ready and willing to help so do not mistake his intentions for something else.

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Have you met these people in your climb? Better yet, do you belong to one — or maybe more — of these personalities?

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