12 Fascinating Things to Do in Margaret River

12 Fascinating Things to Do in Margaret River

On your road trip through Western Australia, discover Margaret River and its plethora of attractions, from limestone caves to farmers' markets.

A road trip along the west coast of Australia is not complete without a stop at the quaint town of Margaret River. Just 170 miles down south of Perth, it only takes a three-hour drive from the city to visit this quiet but charming region. While it’s most famously known for its boutique wineries and stunning beaches, Margaret River is also a synaesthetic experience melding nature with exquisite art. From chocolate factories to wildlife centres, this is a place that’s definitely not one to miss while touring Australia’s best attractions!

1. Look for hidden fossils in a limestone cave

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Beneath the surface of the unsuspecting Margaret River region lie over 300 enthralling limestone caves. The caves’ chambers are filled with awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites – the product of centuries of mineral deposition. Although most of these caves are under works or inaccessible for public viewing, there are a couple of open exhibitions that are a must-see during your stay! For some of Western Australia’s best natural formations, visit the Jewel Cave for its gigantic chambers and impressive hollow soda straw stalactites, or take a self-guided tour of the Mammoth Cave which houses the fossils of long-extinct animals.  

2. Treat your taste buds at a chocolate factory

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Attention chocolate lovers: it’s time to put the Margaret River Chocolate Company on your bucket list. The factory produces and sells just about every chocolate-flavoured item you can dream of, from handmade chocolate truffles and chocolate-coated honeycomb to chocolate bath salts and chocolate massage oils. When you’re there, watch the expert chocolatiers craft sumptuous candy bars and delight your taste buds to the free tastings of a wide array of chocolate samples available. The factory is simply an oasis of chocolate tucked away in Margaret River!

3. Get panoramic views at a working lighthouse

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Guarding the coastline of Margaret River’s shores are two towering lighthouses Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin. Both are fully functioning lighthouses that travellers can visit for a panoramic bird’s eye view of the expansive ocean and rugged waterfront. Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse also marks the point where the Southern Ocean meets the Indian Ocean, at the most southern tip of the Western Australian peninsula. During winter, you might even spot some Humpback Whales as they migrate up north for warmer waters.

4. Go horseback riding at The Horse Resort

Spice up your usual sightseeing tour by going on an exciting trail riding adventure at The Horse Resort! This family-friendly attraction will let you ride around the vast 500-acre property atop well-disciplined and trained horses. Don’t worry if you don’t have any horseback riding experience, the activities in this horse sanctuary are catered for everyone, from amateurs to expert riders of all ages!

5. Satisfy your sweet tooth at Candy Cow

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Decked with all sorts of fudges, nougats, lollies, and chocolates, Candy Cow is probably as close as you’ll get to a real life Honeydukes or Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The sweet confectionery is located slightly up north from the main Margaret River centre, in the small residential township of Cowaramup. During the demonstrations, you can watch the experts make their signature Honeycrunch that’s bursting with a different flavour every day!

6. Indulge in some wine-tasting at a local vineyard

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With close to a hundred commercial plants, Margaret River is famous for its exquisite vineyards, premium wineries and craft breweries. Pamper yourself at an exclusive luxurious wine-tasting session to sample some of the country’s best-made premium local produce. To take your vacation up a notch, why not stay on-site itself? Some wineries offer accommodation behind their cellar doors for a truly unique discovery of the wine culture of Margaret River.

7. Take a glass-making workshop

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Margaret River has a long-standing history of talented craftsmen who create the region’s most gorgeous glass artworks. At the Melting Pot Glass Studio, get a first-hand experience learning from an esteemed glass-making master himself as he creates all kinds of beautiful ornaments from a humble ball of molten glass. If you’re daring enough, try your hand at this ancient glass-making technique for a once in a lifetime experience of the unfortunately dying tradition. Who knows? You might have a knack for it!

8. Become a cheese connoisseur at a dairy factory

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A visit to the Margaret River Dairy Company will definitely leave your mouth watering! The factory produces the region’s top-grade artisan cheese and gourmet yoghurt, made only from natural and locally cultivated ingredients. At the viewing gallery, get an insider’s look into the process of cheese making, and treat yourself to this simple yet indulgent delight of Margaret River’s best local produce. After all those free samples, we can guarantee that you’ll be coming back for more!

9. Find your way out of a gigantic hedge maze

How long do you think you’ll take to get to the centre of this maze? And can you find your way out after that? Take on this challenge at amaze’n Margaret River with their enormous three-metre high hedge maze for an experience that’ll bring you back to your childhood memories of the psychedelic labyrinth from Alice in Wonderland and magical Triwizard Maze of the Harry Potter franchise.

10. Get up close to birds of prey at a raptor centre

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Ever wanted to get up close and personal to owls, eagles, falcons and more? These majestic birds of prey are rehabilitated at Margaret River’s Eagles Heritage Raptor Wildlife Centre before they are once again released back into the wild. At the bird sanctuary, you’ll get to interact with barn owls and hawks, and watch an amazing flight display by the raptors.

11. Join in the local festivities at a farmers’ market

Eat and shop like the locals do at the town’s farmers’ market! Margaret River prides itself in its fresh and healthy local produce, as well as gourmet delicacies and quirky handmade items sold by traders and small businesses at this celebrated monthly affair. With up to 50 stalls on the lot, the Margaret River Farmers’ Market is a vibrant festival complete with entertaining buskers and lively music adding to the spirit of Saturnalia and merrymaking. It is thus the perfect place to experience the spirited local community and support some of the town’s best products.

12. Hit the beach for a whale of a time

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A pretty conventional holiday activity, but nonetheless a worthwhile choice in Margaret River! The region has stunning shores with crystal clear blue seas that’ll make a splendid fun-filled day at the beach! Take your pick from numerous locations like Prevelly Beach, Yallingup Beach Holiday Park, and Hamelin Bay, and take a splash in Western Australia’s most picturesque coasts. Whether it’s to surf the waves, snorkel, or just have a meal at the seafront, Margaret River’s beaches got you covered.

With all these fun attractions available to you, be sure to make Margaret River your top destination on your next road trip along Australia’s west coast! Take a break from the bustling city and visit this charming region for an experience you’ll not regret.

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