Why Two is Better than One When it Comes to Travel

Why Two is Better than One When it Comes to Travel

Why travel alone when you can travel with a partner? Here are some reasons why two can be better than one while you're travelling.

Solo travel is a thing that many hope to accomplish, and it’s undeniably a journey that every traveller should take at least once in their life.

However, if travelling solo isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Who says you have to join the hype? Travelling with a partner can be equally as enjoyable and adventurous. Whether it’s with your friend, sibling, or significant other, let me tell you why sometimes, two is better than one when you’re on the road.

1. You get to split costs with your buddy

two better than one travel

Having a travel partner can be a life saviour, especially when you’re on a tight budget. Just imagine how much you can save just by splitting the costs! The possibilities are honestly endless – you can share a huge meal, a cab fare, and even a double room! At the end of the day, your wallet will be singing their praises to you, and you will have extra cash to do things that you will both enjoy.

2. You get an extra set of skills at your disposal

You’re the social butterfly, but you’re useless with a map. Enter your travel partner, who takes one look at a map and whisks the both of you to your next destination in no time. Whatever weakness you might have as a solo traveller won’t hold you down when you’re with somebody else, especially if your strengths complement each other.

3. You’ll have someone to keep you sane when things get tough

travel anchor

Travelling is fun and all, but there might be times when everything goes wrong and you’re on the verge of a mental breakdown. It’s especially times like these when you feel grateful for your buddy – in a land where everything is strange and foreign to you, your buddy will become the anchor that keeps you grounded.

4. You will learn the true meaning of patience and compromise

You’ll undoubtedly have a few squabbles with your buddy over the silliest things. Perhaps you want to scrimp and save by eating some street food, but your buddy insists on trying out the restaurant down the street. Perhaps you want to retire for the night, but your buddy wants to go out and party. Does this spell the end of your friendship? Of course not! You’ll eventually learn to accommodate your buddy’s idiosyncrasies, and your friendship will grow stronger thanks to the trip.

5. You’ll have someone to push your limits

arthur's seat view

We lost the photos of our hike up Arthur’s Seat, but this picture pretty much sums it up. | Image credit: Darren Harmon

You might get very annoyed when pushes you to try something you are reluctant to do. When I was in Edinburgh with my buddy, I was originally content with taking pictures of Arthur’s Seat from the foot of the mountain, but my buddy would not stop pestering me to climb up the mountain. One backache and one pair of burning lungs later, I was glad I was talked into doing it. Trust me on this – sometimes, that pestering is worth it.

6. You’ll have a stronger relationship with your partner

awesome travel partner

There’s no denying that after going through one hell of a journey with your travel partner, you’ll get to know each other on a deeper level. You’ll become familiar with your partner’s whims and idiosyncrasies, and you’ll also come to know how they’d behave in certain situations.

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Not to mention, you’ll be full of stories and inside jokes that only your travel partner will understand. I think if you’ve travelled with a partner, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

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