TripZilla’s Picks: Top 7 Travel Blogs in Singapore for 2017

TripZilla’s Picks: Top 7 Travel Blogs in Singapore for 2017

Love reading personal travel recounts? Get started with seven of Singapore’s top travel blogs and be inspired!

Do you enjoy reading travel stories from someone who has been there, done that? Well, you might just be looking for inspiration from an important component of the travel landscape: travel bloggers!

Travel blogs are aplenty in Singapore, but TripZilla has its favourites for the year. Some of these bloggers have been on truly inspiring journeys, some have a knack for storytelling, while some have been consistently rolling out engaging posts and videos.

Let’s check them out:

1. KoalaTravelstheWorld

Image credit: koalatravelstheworld

Xin’en, better known as Xin, decided to take a leap of faith in 2015 and quit her hedge fund job to travel full-time. Since then, her travels have spanned 50 countries over six continents, with eight solid months in South America alone. Returning home after two years overseas, she shared some noteworthy lessons with the TripZilla readers about the enriching experience. The readership of her blog consisted of just two friends and three family members at the beginning but it has come a long way since. If you need a push to step out of your comfort zone, her articles make a good start.

2. Sunrise Odyssey

Image credit: Sunrise Odyssey

Trading their corporate jobs for exhilarating trips in unusual locations, Gina and Daniel clearly embrace their passion for travel. With the prime focus on destinations worldwide that are off the beaten track, their travelogues target those seeking adventurous experiences that are distinct. Gina is essentially the “voice” of the blog while Daniel takes care of all the awe-inspiring photos and cinematic travel videos. They have been on some pretty epic journeys, with the coolest one being a 279-day overland adventure from the east of China all the way to Turkey!

3. A Girl & A Bald Traveller

Placing a strong emphasis on the need to travel comfortably and affordably, this Singaporean couple chronicle their travel tales with a refreshing perspective. Having been to some very exotic destinations such as Vanuatu, Albania, Bahrain and Mozambique, they do not limit their travels to just the popular (read: super common) travel hubs. In fact, they go out of the way to travel off the beaten path, away from the typical destinations that Singaporeans love. How does a trip to Chernobyl, the most radioactive place on Earth sound for a start?

4. The Occasional Traveller

Jaclynn Seah is a testament to the fact that you do not have to quit your job to be able to travel often. With careful planning, Jaclynn escapes her office routine and wanders around the globe before penning down her memorable experiences. That said, Jaclynn did take a career break in 2016 where she travelled extensively for a year to countries such as Japan, Switzerland, Croatia, Kenya, Peru, Bulgaria and Laos. Workaholics, you will definitely find special travel recommendations to suit your hectic schedules.

5. I Wander

Image credit: I Wander

Bino started his travel blog as a platform for sharing unique and unconventional destinations based on his own personal trips. He also features interesting content such as the etiquette and customs of certain places which may be overlooked. Other than reading itineraries or travel guides and delving into unique attractions, you can also tap on his comparisons to help you decide between destinations such as Boracay, Palawan or Cebu and Moscow or St Petersburg.

6. Roamscapes

Image credit: Roamscapes

This captivating blog is run by Brooke Thio, who left her startup marketing job in 2013 to go on her first solo backpacking trip. Brooke is a firm believer in slow travel and enjoys venturing to far-flung places. In a bid to uncover and share local stories, as well as to make travel more meaningful, even on short trips, she launched Roamscapes. The differentiating factor for Roamscapes, aside from her incredible photos, has to be the presence of intriguing local stories and insider information.


Image credit: Livelaughtravelnet

Alvin Soo started his travel blog in 2015 with the aim of remembering fond memories from each of his trip. From great clarifications about common travel myths to itineraries and must-visit attractions, is indeed a comprehensive website. The “travel news and discussions” tab is worthy to check out too as the topics discussed are thought-provoking – such as why you shouldn’t travel to all countries in the world.

Bonus: The Wandering Wasp

Image credit: The Wandering Wasp

Free-spirited Juvena Huang wanted to discover the world – not via flights but rather on her trusty Vespa scooter. In May 2015, she embarked on an epic 44,000km-overland journey on two wheels where she scooted from Singapore to Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and all the way to Czech Republic. Juvena was away from home for more than two years and finally returned to Singapore in 2017. She claims to be a biker first and a traveller second. While she’s not a frequent blogger (hence the “bonus” listing), you can read her tales on The Wandering Wasp’s Facebook Page where she shares snippets of stories and photos from her journey. Avid bikers or not, Juvena will definitely inspire you with her grit and determination.

This rounds up the list of top travel bloggers in Singapore. Now that your reading list has expanded, the TripZilla team wishes you more great travel adventures in 2018!

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