This Tokyo Department Store Has 3,000 Capsule Toy Machines

This Tokyo Department Store Has the Largest Capsule Toy Machine Collection in the World

At the Gashapon Department Store in Sunshine City, visitors can choose their souvenirs from 3,000 different capsule toy machines.

Anyone who claims to love toys has most likely fawned over Japan’s capsule toy machines, which are called gashapon or gachapon. With each one offering a different theme, these machines contain just about every bauble you can imagine, from adorable keychains to anime-themed merchandise at affordable prices — making them a popular source for souvenirs in Tokyo.

While this unique invention can be found all over Japan, no display comes close to the capsule toy machines at the new Gashapon Department Store, which boasts of a staggering collection of 3,000 capsule toy machines. Located on the third floor of the Sunshine City facility in Ikebukuro, it is the largest department store of its kind so far, taking up a floor space of approximately 1,256sqm. 

According to Gashapon Department Store’s official Twitter account, visitors can expect to find a treasure trove of toys from the vending machines at the store, including anime figurines from franchises such as Pokémon, Gundam, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and more. 

Aside from capsule toys and merchandise, there are also food-related trinkets, mobile phone accessories, and other miniature charms available for just around ¥200 to ¥300. You can check out the full inventory of gashapon products and the price list at the online store here

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As of 26 Feb 2021, the Gashapon Department Store has opened its doors to the public.

Bandai Namco has confirmed that on 18 Mar 2021, Guinness World Records representatives will drop by the department store in Tokyo to validate whether it contains the largest number of capsule toy machines at a single location. 

Visit the official website of Bandai Namco for more information.

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