Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea: Prepare for a Fairytale Adventure!

Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea: Prepare for a Fairytale Adventure!

A magical journey awaits!

Calling all Disney fans! Get ready to be swept away to a world of frozen wonder, neverland adventures, and tangled fairy tales with the grand opening of Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea on 6 June 2024!

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A sneak peek of Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

Fantasy Springs Tokyo DisneySea

Fantasy Springs isn’t just a new area; it’s a sprawling wonderland brimming with immersive experiences. Explore the majestic Frozen Kingdom, modelled after Arendelle complete with a replica castle. Join Anna and Elsa on a thrilling boat ride, then grab a bite at Oaken’s OK Foods, modelled after the charming trading post from the movie.

Soar through the skies of Neverland with Peter Pan! This whimsical section boasts two rides — an exciting adventure with Peter Pan himself and a charming buggy ride alongside Tinker Bell. Refuel at Lookout Cookout restaurant, a Lost Boy-themed eatery serving delicious snacks.

Finally, step into Rapunzel’s Forest, the first Tangled-themed attraction at any Disney park! Join Rapunzel on her enchanting lantern festival boat ride, reliving her first meeting with Flynn Rider. Afterward, grab a seat at the iconic Snuggly Duckling tavern for a delightful meal inspired by the movie.

The much awaited Rapunzel’s lantern festival

Fantasy Springs Tokyo DisneySea

Fantasy Springs meticulously crafts each section to transport you into the heart of the story. Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival is just one piece of the puzzle in Fantasy Springs, the largest expansion in Tokyo Disney Resort history. 

The adventure begins even before you board the boat! The meticulously themed queue sets the mood with beautiful lanterns, purple and gold decorations. The magical Sundrop Flower that grants Rapunzel’s hair its healing power. As evening falls, the forest comes alive with the soft glow of lanterns lining the pathways, restaurants, and even Rapunzel’s tower in the distance.

The highlight of the ride is the enchanting Lantern Festival scene. Join Rapunzel and Flynn Rider singing “At Last I See the Light” in a rowboat surrounded by hundreds of illuminated lanterns. It creates a truly magical finale to your romantic journey.

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Tickets for Tokyo DisneySea are available for booking online now, with prices ranging from ¥8,900 (S$76.93) to ¥10,900 (S$94.22) depending on the day of admission. Get ready to be swept away by the magic of Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea, opening its gates this June! This is an experience you won’t want to miss. Visit their official website for the full details.

All image credit goes to Tokyo Disney Resort | Official Website

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