TikTok-Famous Karen’s Diner in Singapore Will Open in Late 2022

TikTok-Famous Karen’s Diner Will Soon Have a Pop-Up in Singapore

Tired of good customer service?

If you frequent TikTok, you’ve likely come across hilarious videos of rude waitresses serving up more than just burgers. While this would normally be considered poor customer service in most restaurants, this is exactly what Karen’s Diner is going for!

This franchise first debuted in Australia in 2021. Thanks to its success as a one-of-a-kind dining experience, Asia’s first ever Karen’s Diner is opening in Singapore!

Here’s what you need to know about this pop-up:

What is a “Karen”?

The diner first opened in Sydney. The label “Karen” is a colloquial term referring to middle-class women of privilege who love to complain. The diner plays on this stereotype, with their website reading, “At Karen’s, you will be greeted and waited upon by rude waiters who in return are expecting you to give it full Karen.” Customers are even encouraged to complain and ask to speak to the manager!

What to expect at Karen’s Diner Singapore

The food

The diner’s menu features many American favourites like burgers, hot dogs, milkshakes, and more.

Age restrictions

Due to their “100% rude staff” there are certain age restrictions in place. At lunchtime, people under 14 are prohibited from entering without a parent or guardian. At dinnertime, the same applies to those under 16.

Karen’s Diner warns that “language may be offensive and inappropriate” and that those under 18 are encouraged to visit before 5pm. You’ve been warned!

House rules

To maintain order amidst the chaotic atmosphere, Karen’s Diner has a few rules in place. These include no racism, no sexism, and no homophobic, body image, or ableist comments. Touching and sexual remarks toward staff members are also strictly-prohibited. Failure to abide by these rules will have you kicked out and banned from returning to the restaurant.

Details of Karen’s Diner in Singapore

Although there hasn’t been any confirmation of the opening date of the Singapore pop-up, a waitlist has opened on this website. Putting yourself on the waitlist guarantees you one step closer to experiencing Karen’s Diner Singapore, but you won’t receive a timeline just yet.

However, here’s one clue: The pop-up will open sometime in December 2022.

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If you’re ready for good food and terrible service, ready your cameras to film TikTok videos when this diner comes to Singapore!

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