Foreign Travellers Need to Carry At Least 15,000 Thai Baht in Cash to Enter Thailand

Foreign Travellers Need to Carry At Least 15,000 Thai Baht in Cash to Enter Thailand

This minimum cash regulation, which has been in place for several years, applies to all foreign visitors to Thailand.

As part of Thailand’s immigration regulations, all foreign travellers who wish to visit Thailand are required to carry at least 15,000 Thai Baht in cash, as proof of having sufficient finances for their stay in the country.

Solo travellers should carry a minimum of 15,000 Thai Baht (S$562) in cash, while people travelling with their families should have at least 20,000 Thai Baht (S$750) in cash. Failing to meet this regulation may result in a traveller being denied entry into Thailand.

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Thailand’s minimum cash regulation is not new. Thai authorities have been enforcing it for several years by conducting randomised checks on foreign travellers.

However, this regulation recently came into the spotlight when the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok released a reminder for Indonesians to carry sufficient Thai Baht in cash before visiting Thailand. The reminder was in response to the embassy receiving multiple complaints about Indonesian travellers being barred from entering Thailand because they failed to show proof of having sufficient funds for their stay.

Apart from the minimum cash requirement, Thai immigration also requires foreign travellers to have proof of their accommodation in Thailand, and proof of travel insurance covering their stay in Thailand.

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