Thailand Introduces New Medical Coverage Scheme for Tourists

Thailand Introduces New Medical Coverage Scheme for Tourists

After all, health is wealth.

While going on an idyllic beach getaway to Thailand sounds nice, medical insurance bills don’t! If you’re a frequent traveller, you should know by now that taking care of your health is a must. But now, with Thailand’s new medical coverage scheme for tourists, you have one less thing to worry about.

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Thailand introduces medical coverage for tourists

Thailand medical coverage scheme

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The initiative provides tourists financial security in case of any accidents or emergencies, ensuring a smoother and more carefree travel experience.

Valid from 1 Jan–31 Aug 2024, the scheme offers coverage for medical emergencies up to ฿500,000 (~S$18,636). Whether you get into an unfortunate motorbike accident while cruising through Koh Lanta or encounter a scuba diving mishap in Phi Phi islands, this financial assistance helps alleviate the stress of settling medical bills in a foreign country.

What to know about the program

  • Medical Expenses: Actual expenses incurred, capped at ฿500,000 (~S$18,636) per person.
  • Death: Compensation of up to ฿1,000,000 (~S$37,272) per person.
  • Permanent Organ Loss/Sight/Disability: Compensation of up to ฿300,000 (~S$11,181) per person.
  • Eligibility and funding: All foreign tourists automatically qualify for the medical coverage scheme upon arrival in the country, with no registration required. The scheme is funded by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ emergency expense budget, promising seamless assistance during your trip.

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Why does Thailand offer free medical coverage for foreign tourists?

Thailand medical coverage scheme

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This new initiative reflects Thailand’s commitment to improving tourist safety and security. By addressing major concerns such as health for travellers, the scheme aims to attract more tourists and boost the country’s tourism sector, which is a significant contributor to Thailand’s economy.

Planning your trip to Thailand

While this new initiative promises valuable coverage, it’s still important to remember that this is only supplemental coverage from Thailand, and travel insurance is still highly recommended. The scheme is valid until 31 Aug 2024.

For more information and claim procedures, you may visit the Ministry of Tourism and Sports website.

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With the new medical coverage scheme, Thailand encourages you to explore more of its mesmerising beaches, lush landscapes, rich culture, and warm hospitality with greater peace of mind. From Phuket to Chiang Mai, the Land of Smiles awaits! So get ready to pack your bags and book a flight to Thailand! Which tourist hotspots are you visiting first?

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