Thai Airways Bans Overweight Passengers on Business Class

Thai Airways Bans Overweight Passengers on Business Class

What kind of threat can the new airbag and safety belt system pose to passengers with a waistline more than 56 inches and even parents with lap-held children?

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Flying business class on Thai Airways’ latest Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner anytime soon? Take note that new safety procedures for Thai Airways’ business class will affect overweight passengers with waistlines over  56 inches as well as those who are flying with their little ones!

Pratthana Pattanasirim, Director of Security and Flight Standard in Thai Airways, announced on 6 March that in accordance with the US Federal Aviation Administration, its brand new Zodiac Cirrus business class seats installed with the new airbag system and safety belts cannot fit passengers with waistline wider than 56 inches (142.24 centimetres). It also prohibits parents with young infants seated on their laps.

In the wake of public backlash, Pratthana clarified that these restrictions are not any form of unlawful discrimination but are put in place in the name of safety – the seat belts, if extended any further than 56 inches, would obstruct the airbag and pose a threat during emergencies.

As of now, these new requirements do not apply to economy class seats.

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