In Lazio with love: Experience a Dreamy Wedding in This Italian Region

This Italian Region Offers Couples €2,000 to Get Married There

Turn your dream wedding into a reality!

Getting married is both a dream and a worrisome lifetime experience for most people. You might think that wanting to get married in a beautiful place is not too much to ask for, right? But sometimes, thinking about the cost ruins our plans and imagination. 

Fortunately, you can now turn that dream into reality! The Italian region of Lazio has an initiative called In Lazio with love that provides €2,000 for free to every couple who wish to have their wedding there! 

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Reviving the region’s wedding scene

In Lazio with love

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Located in Central Italy, Lazio’s most famous city is none other than Rome. It’s also home to several stunning beaches worth visiting in the summer.

Local authorities launched In Lazio with love to help revive their tourism industry. Back in 2019, a total of 15,000 couples had their weddings in Lazio. According to The Guardian, it has dropped to only 9,000 couples since the pandemic began, severely impacting the region’s economy. 

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Know more about the In Lazio with love initiative

wedding in Italian region

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In Lazio with love is open to both Italian citizens and foreigners! Whether you opt for a civil union, church wedding, or even beach wedding — you can still get your free €2,000! Newlyweds simply need to prove a maximum of five receipts from wedding-related purchases. This includes the wedding gown, event planner, venue rental, catering service, florist, and many more! 

Once the application is submitted and your request gets approved, you can expect that the authorities will send you the €2,000. The only amendment is that the funds must be spent with Lazio-based businesses. So you better start planning your Lazio centric wedding. 

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The offer is valid until 31 Dec 2022 — or until the initiative’s €10 million fund runs out. So, better get moving! Click here to find out more.

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