Where to Find Korea’s Coolest Vinyl Bars

Where to Find Korea’s Coolest Vinyl Bars

Dive back to the old days and surround yourself with LPs and great music in these vinyl bars across Korea.

When you mention music and Korea in one sentence, the first thing that probably comes to mind is K-pop and its catchy tunes, designer outfits and perfectly synchronized dance moves. However, K-pop wasn’t always there, and before its birth, Korea had a strong affinity for rock and roll, folk and other kinds of alternative genres. This spirit still lives on in its cosy vinyl bars, which are loved and frequented by locals and foreigners alike.

Here are five of the most memorable vinyl joints in Korea. All you LP lovers out there, take note!

1. Woodstock, Seoul

Image credit: Dom Pates

Decked out in wood and a sea of scribbles from top to bottom, Woodstock is the one place you should definitely not miss if you want to truly rock out while in Korea. Its vibrant atmosphere, friendly staff and the never-ending collection of records lining its shelves earned Woodstock the reputation as one of the best vinyl bars in the country.

2. Suzie Q, Seoul

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In the bustling neighbourhood of Hongdae, where K-pop is blasting from all sides, Suzie Q provides a welcome alternative getaway. Located in a basement at the heart of the busy student area, this charming record bar is owned by an elderly couple who will be sure to fulfil any music requests you might have, from Korean protest folk to whimsical 1950’s tunes from the West.

3. Nogada, Busan

Image credit: Nogada Facebook Page

Image credit: Nogada Facebook Page

Located in the atmospheric labyrinth known as Mokgol near the Kyungsung University, Nogada is a little classier than your standard LP bar, but it still manages to preserve that genuine rock’n’roll feel. A great place to come with a group of friends and feast on unusual Korean drinking snacks, in Nogada you will be able to soak up the cool vibe of Busan’s bustling nightlife.

4. Gopchang Jeongol, Seoul

To truly feel like you’ve stepped into 1970s Korea, go straight to the iconic Gopchang Jeongol in Hongdae. Everything you will experience in this one-of-a-kind bar – from its charming retro-borderline-kitsch interior to the slightly bizarre menu picks to the obscure Korean oldies playing through the speakers – is evocative of Korea as it once was.

5. Muse On, Busan

Image credit: Muse On Facebook Page

Image credit: Muse On Facebook Page

Nestled in the lively tourist area of Haeundae, Muse On is the ideal choice for those who are looking to have some quality fun outside of your noisy nightclubs characteristic of seaside resorts. With an international clientele, giant screen projecting vintage clips and an eclectic playlist that varies from one night to another, Muse On will be sure to please music buffs of any variety.


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