7 Perfect One-Week Itineraries for Taiwan

7 Perfect One-Week Itineraries for Taiwan

Consolidating the best destinations into nifty itineraries for your dream Taiwan trip!

Taiwan – The land of bustling modern cities, breathtaking scenery and mouth-watering local delicacies (think: oyster omelettes, braised pork rice and bubble tea). If you only have a week to spare, check out these handy one-week itineraries for an unforgettable Taiwan experience!  

1. Best of Taiwan

This particular route brings you through some of the most famous cities and sights in Taiwan, giving you a comprehensive overview of Taiwan. This is thus most suitable for first-time visitors eager to get a glimpse of (almost) everything that Taiwan has to offer.

Day 1-2: Taipei

Arrive at Taipei through Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and spend the first two days of your trip exploring this lively and modern city. Popular attractions include Taipei 101, National Palace Museum, Tamsui Old Street and Shilin Night Market.

Day 3: Taichung

If you only have a day to spend in Taichung, you definitely can’t miss out on the 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan and the incredibly Instagram-worthy Rainbow Village. Fans of night markets would love to visit Feng Chia Night Market, which is known as one of the best night markets in Taiwan.

Day 4: Tainan

Then, head to Tainan, which is also the oldest city in Taiwan. Some of the must-sees include the Confucius Temple, Chimei Museum and the historical Anping District. Be sure to make a trip to Hua Yuan (Flower) Night Market, the most popular night market in Tainan, as well!

Day 5: Kenting National Park

Arguably one of the most famous attractions in Taiwan, Kenting National Park draws visitors with its sandy beaches, coral reefs and rich biodiversity. Those who are up for surfing can also choose to ride some waves here!

Day 6: Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is a great choice for first-time visitors as they’ll get to witness the stunning beauty of both the lakes and the mountains of Taiwan. There are a variety of attractions to visit around the area as well, including the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, Ita Thao Village and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

Day 7: Taipei

On the last day, return to Taipei and get some shopping done at Ximending and Wu Fen Pu before heading back home!

2. Taipei City & Its Surroundings

Taipei and its surroundings are filled with a diverse array of attractions – ranging from towering skyscrapers to quaint old streets. This itinerary is for those who want to spend a little more time exploring this beautiful capital of Taiwan.

Day 1-3: Taipei city

For the first three days of your trip, spend your time exploring the vibrant city of Taipei. Some of the best attractions not to be missed are Taipei 101, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and National Palace Museum.

Those who are more adventurous can hike up the Elephant Mountain, which is also an excellent place to catch sunsets and night views. Foodies should definitely head to popular night markets like Shilin Night Market and Raohe Street Night Market for a taste of some of the best street food in Taiwan.

Day 4: Jiufen

On your fourth day, make a trip to the charming town of Jiufen which is approximately one and a half hours away from Taipei city. Soak in the rustic charm of the cobblestone streets and winding alleys of quaint stores. You can choose to stay overnight at one of the cosy guesthouses in Jiufen or return to Taipei city for the night.

Day 5: Keelung

Head to Keelung, a lovely port city situated approximately one hour away from Taipei city. For those who stayed the night in Jiufen, the journey to Keelung will take less than an hour. In the day, you can explore the Keelung town area, take a relaxing stroll around Keelung harbour or hike up the mountain path in Zhongzheng Park. At night, indulge yourself at the Miaokou Night Market. For night owls, feel free to drop by Kanziding Fish Market which opens only around midnight!

Day 6: Yangmingshan National Park

Set off to the beautiful Yangmingshan National Park early in the morning. Expect lots of exciting hiking trails, interesting flora and fauna, as well as bubbling hot springs. There are plenty of lovely restaurants around the area too, so you can spend an entire day here without going hungry!

Day 7: Taipei city

On the last day, return to Taipei city and do some shopping at Ximending, Wu Fen Pu and East Metro Mall before heading back home.

3. Northern Taiwan

Image credit: 白士 李

For those who are looking to delve deeper into the northern side of Taiwan.

Day 1-2: Taipei

On your first day, fly into Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and spend two days exploring the vibrant city. Be sure to check out some of the most famous attractions such as Taipei 101, National Palace Museum and Elephant Mountain, as well as try delicious Taiwanese street food at Shilin Night Market!

Day 3-4: Yilan

Next, head towards Yilan country, which consists of Yilan city itself and various charming townships like Jiaoxi Township. There are many things you can do in the area, including posing for adorable photos at Jimmy Park, exploring the Wufengchi Waterfall and feasting to your heart’s content at Luodong Night Market.

Feel free to make a day trip to Jiaoxi Township for its famous hot springs. If not, you can also spend the night at one of the hotels that provide in-room hot springs!

Day 5-6: Hsinchu

Then, spend another two days in the Hsinchu county. Don’t miss out on popular sights like The Eastern Gate, Eighteen Peaks Garden, Municipal Glass Museum and Hsinchu Zoo, which is also the oldest zoo in Taiwan. The Cheng Huang (City God) Temple and the neighbouring Cheng Huang (City God) Temple Night Market are also worth checking out!

Day 7: Taipei

On the last day, return to Taipei city and do some shopping at Ximending, Wu Fen Pu and East Metro Mall before heading back home.

4. Southern Taiwan

Southern Taiwan is most famous for its traditional folk culture and soft, sandy beaches. Travellers who are keen to explore further can consider this itinerary.

Day 1-2: Kaohsiung

Arrive at Kaohsiung through Kaohsiung International Airport. Here, you can spend two days exploring Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, Pier-2 Art District, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Dome of Light and Cijin Tianhou Temple. Feel free to also take a romantic stroll along the peaceful Love River! Also be sure to check out our jam-packed Kaohsiung itinerary before you go.

Foodies, don’t forget to pop by the famous Wu Pao Chun Bakery, which is owned by the talented Taiwanese baker Wu Pao Chun who won the top prize in Bakery World Cup 2010 in Paris.

Day 3-4: Tainan

Tainan, the oldest city in Taiwan, is full of traditional charms. Spend two leisurely days visiting the Grand Matsu Temple, Confucius Temple, Chimei Museum and Hayashi Department Store. Those who want a more in-depth look into the heritage of Tainan should explore the historical Anping District and Shennong Street. Do make a trip to Hua Yuan (Flower) Night Market, the most popular night market in Tainan, as well!

Day 5: Pingtung

The next day, make a stop at Pingtung City to check out sights like the Ahou City Gate, Paiwan Sculpture Museum and Ruiguang Night Market. If you have a bit more time, check out the Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area.

Day 6: Kenting National Park

Continue heading south and you’ll find yourself at the famous Kenting National Park. Boasting beautiful beaches and lush greenery, this is the perfect place for you to enjoy the warm breeze and sunshine of southern Taiwan.

Day 7: Kaohsiung

Make your way back to Kaohsiung and get your last-minute shopping done at Xin Jue Jiang Shopping District before heading home!

5. Eastern Taiwan

The eastern side of Taiwan is blessed with gorgeous sea cliffs, mountain ranges and hot springs. Those who are seeking an exciting yet relaxing experience should consider heading here.

Day 1-2: Hualien

Arrive at Hualien through Hualien Airport. However, as Hualien Airport is a largely domestic airport with limited international flights, travellers might have to fly into Taiwan Taoyuan Airport and make their way to Hualien by train or domestic flight. Some attractions include the Hualien Cultural Creation Park, Chisingtan Scenic Area and Hualien Pacific Park. Night market fans have got to make a stop at Dong Da Men Night Market, the largest night market in Hualien.

Those with slightly more time to spare can consider visiting Qingshui Cliff, Rui Sui Ranch or Lintienshan Forestry Culture Park.  

Day 3: Taroko National Park

The next day, head to the nearby Taroko National Park, one of Taiwan’s most beautiful sights. The centrepiece of this national park is definitely the gorgeous (pun intended) Taroko Gorge, a spectacular 19-km-long canyon. From rugged coastal cliffs and subtropical forests to cascading waterfalls and old aboriginal settlements, this national park has something for everyone.

Day 4-5: Taitung

Taitung has a strong indigenous presence and it is where you can learn more about the different indigenous cultures in Taiwan. The National Museum of Prehistory, for one, is worthy of a visit for those who are interested in learning more about the geology formation of Taiwan as well as prehistoric Taiwanese people. You could also visit the various tribal villages situated in the nearby townships.

Other recommended attractions include the Taitung Railway Art Village, Tiehua Music Village, Taitung Forest Park and Seashore Park. Travellers can also make a visit to Tianhou Temple, the largest temple in Taitung.  

Day 6: Green Island

With a population of around 3,000 people, the Green Island is a small volcanic island in Taiwan. Here, travellers can visit some lovely lighthouses, scuba-dive or snorkel through tranquil waters and hike across ancient trails. Those who are confident in their riding abilities could also rent a scooter to tour around the charming island. Travellers can choose to stay the night on the island to spend more time enjoying the natural hot springs.

Day 7: Hualien

On your last day, head back to Hualien and do some last-minute shopping at Gong Zheng Street. Fly back home from Hualien Airport or make your way back to Taipei to fly home. Travellers who are flying from Taipei can also choose to extend their trip to spend more time in Taipei!

6. Central Taiwan

Central Taiwan is all about towering mountains, idyllic lakes and beautiful farms. This is the perfect region to visit if you’re eager to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.  

Day 1-2: Taichung

On your first day, fly into Taichung International Airport. Spend two leisurely days exploring this bustling city. The best sights include the 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan, National Museum of Natural Science, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung Park and the incredibly Instagram-worthy Rainbow Village. Be sure not to miss out on Feng Chia Night Market, one of the best night markets in Taiwan.

Fans of French cuisine should definitely make a trip to Le Moût. French cuisine in Taiwan? Sounds bizarre, but it was recognised as the best restaurant in Taiwan in 2016!

Day 3: Cingjing Farm

The next day, head up to the dreamy Cingjing Farm for some fresh air, green pastures and rolling hillsides. The best part of all? You’ll get to come into close contact with adorable farm animals like cows and sheep!

Day 4: Hehuanshan

Instead of the popular Alishan, travellers can head to Hehuanshan instead. Popular with the locals, Hehuanshan is much more peaceful and stunning. Here, you’ll get to hike amongst the sea of clouds and enjoy a fascinating view of the endless horizon. Remember to stay the night here and wake up early the next morning to catch the glorious sunrise.

Day 5: Sun Moon Lake

A three-hour drive away from Hehuanshan lies the massive and marvellous Sun Moon Lake. Boasting sparkling clear waters and picturesque mountains in the backdrop, this lake is a must-visit for all nature lovers. There are a variety of attractions to visit around the area as well, including the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, Ita Thao Village and  Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

Day 6: Lugang

On day six, drop by the lovely port town of Lugang situated in the Changhua County. As one of the oldest towns in Taiwan, this historical town is full of rustic and heritage charms. Wander along Lugang Old Street, drop by Taiwan Glass Gallery and pay a visit to the Lugang Cheng Huang (City God) Temple. Those who want to take a look at exquisite artifacts from Ming and Qing Dynasty can also head to the Lugang Folk Arts Museum.

Day 7: Taichung

Head back to Taichung to fly home. Those who want to do some last-minute shopping can also visit the Yichung Shopping Street or Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, the most popular department store in Taiwan with various outlets across the cities.

7. Penghu Islands

Image credit: Mark Kao

The Penghu Islands are an archipelago made up of numerous islands. This offbeat destination is best known for its wonderful beaches, glorious temples and breathtaking natural sights.

Day 1: Magong City

Take a domestic flight into Magong Airport, or take a ferry from Kaohsiung or Chiayi. Spend a relaxing day exploring the historic Zhongyang Old Street, Magong Old wall and the Penghu Mazu Temple, which is often considered the oldest Mazu Temple in Taiwan. Then, spend the evening eating and shopping along Zhong Zheng Road.

Day 2: Xiyu Township

Spend around 40 minutes travelling from Magong City to the nearby Xiyu Township. Not many tourists visit this small and peaceful fishing village, so you’ll be guaranteed to have an authentic Taiwanese experience here. There’s a lighthouse, a temple and some forts, but the best thing to do here would be to interact with the friendly locals!

Day 3: Huxi Township & Baisha Township

Travellers should spend a fun-filled morning in Aimen Beach for watersports and beach activities. Those who are looking for a more tranquil experience can also head to Lintou Park, which is an excellent spot for picnics.

In the afternoon, head up north to Baisha Township which has a beautiful coral shell beach and a magnificent Tongliang Banyan Tree, widely known as the oldest and largest tree in Penghu.

Day 4: Jibei Island

Take a boat from Baisha Township to Jibei Island. It is an impressively scenic island best for water activities like banana boats and snorkelling. Travellers could also consider renting a scooter to tour around the island.

Day 5: Qimei Island

Then, head down south to the Qimei Island. Popular attractions include the famous double heart stone weir (a stone traditional fishing trap made in the shape of two hearts), Qimei Lighthouse and the Da Shi Scenic Area. Yueli Bay is also a good place to snorkel and dance around the beautiful corals.

Day 6: Wangan Island

On day six, go even further south and arrive at Wangan Island, which is known for being a nesting site for the endangered green sea turtle. Here, you visit the Green Turtle Tourism and Conservation Centre to learn more about Penghu’s marine ecology and get to see some turtles. Other sights include Yuanyang Caves, Tiantai Mountain and the Zhongshe Historic Village.

Day 7: Magong City

On your last day, head back to Magong City to fly out of Penghu Islands.

From majestic cliffs and glittering seas to bustling cities and idyllic farms, Taiwan has something for everyone. It honestly doesn’t matter if you’re a gastronome or an adrenaline junkie, because you’re bound to have an unforgettable time here in Taiwan!

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