First Timer's Guide to Jebudo Island, Korea

First Timer’s Guide to Jebudo Island, Korea

The charming island of Jebudo is not only where you can witness the parting of the seas, but also a seafood galore with scenic attractions and more.

Located near Suwon and Hwaseong, Jebudo is a quaint little seaside town where you can set your inhibitions free.

This is one of the only places in Korea where you can witness the “parting of the sea”. In fact, it is the place where the phenomenon, dubbed Miracle of Moses, occurs most frequently. In Jebudo, you can witness some of the many rare sights during low and high tides as the waters retreat and return twice daily.

Other than that interesting occurrence, let me tell you more about the draws of Jebudo.

The Food

Jebudo has an elevated walkway that stretches across its coastline, offering visitors a great route for a relaxing stroll. At the same time, it makes navigation easy for first-time visitors. Food outlets can be spotted as you walk along this path.

Buildings with interesting architecture and restaurants lining the sunbathed shore are part of the views!

These crab traps are a common sight on the island. No wonder the seafood tastes so fresh!

Hungry is not a word you’ll be familiar with on this island. Most restaurants serve similar menu items, particularly mouth-watering seafood, but the plethora of eateries available will leave you spoiled for choice. 

A wicked haemul pajeon (seafood pancake) with generous amounts mussels, squid and shrimp.

Forget that pricey sashimi platter and opt for a refreshing bowl of hwi dop bap (sashimi topped rice) to beat the summer heat!

Do not be deceived by this simple-looking clear clam soup. It tasted so heavenly that I polished it off.

Despite the myriad of options, you are likely to be indulging in some form of delicious shellfish and seafood dishes, ranging from mains like crab stew, clam noodles, sashimi platter to grilled crustaceans, among many others. Just beware of staff “fishing” for customers by the roadside and go with your intuition!

Another quick tip when ordering food – not only on this island but at seafood restaurants around Korea – would be not to over-order. Most establishments provide free-flow banchan (side dishes) and other “service” (a term for complimentary dishes) such as drinks, fish-bone stew or clam soup!

To top it off, island-wide food delivery is also available! To take advantage of this, note down the restaurant numbers on the signboards and pick up some basic Korean that is essential for ordering food. 

The Mudflat

A mudflat that seems boundlessly alluring will be revealed as the seas part at low tide.

You will soon realise this is definitely not your usual lie-down-and-suntan beach but a place where you can try new activities.

Admire the pretty seashells and fill your lungs with the gentle, sultry sea breeze.

Always be very careful not to step on sharp objects like broken shells or tiny sea creatures like this little guy!

Maneuvering through the mud and sand with your bare feet is more therapeutic than you can imagine. It will feel almost like a lightly exfoliating and rejuvenating mud-bath for your tired feet.

The Falcon Rock

The strangely appealing and majestic Maebawi (falcon rock) is a must-visit sight!

Soaking in the slightly chilly summer breeze.

North the island lies one of its most iconic sights that is better known to non-locals as the falcon rock – not because its shape resembles a falcon but because it’s where falcons roost (before people flock over for pictures, that is).

The Tents and Campers

Colourful tents line the shore not far from the falcon rock (visible on the far left of this shot).

Did I mention that Jebudo is a popular family vacation spot? Its unique low tide phenomenon allows kids view wildlife safely with their parents, making for a great learning experience.

The entire island is encapsulated in a laid-back vibe that is easy to get used to.

During the weekends, you will see many locals chilling in tents further up shore where the rising tides are less likely to reach. There are also many pensions (what Koreans call vacation houses or chalets) with functioning BBQ pits speckled on the middle of the island. 

The Red Lighthouse

I could just stop and stare at this glorious out-of-this-world sunset.

jebudo island getaway

Just look at the lobster-red lighthouse that will make every one of your pictures snapped here pop!

jebudo island getaway

You can also spot some pretty murals around the island.

Another place that you will definitely fall in love with is the iconic lighthouse. I could not make out if it’s still functioning but nonetheless, it provided fantastic views!

The Amusement Park

jebudo island getaway

In the middle of what seemed like nowhere lies a hidden jewel: an underrated amusement park!

This is no doubt one of the most thrilling rides I have tried in the whole of Korea, especially when the kind operator extended and “customised” the session.

Top tip for the most enjoyable viking ride: JUST KEEP SCREAMING!

I did not expect to enjoy the rides here so much! I actually liked them better than most of the rides in Everland where I had to queue for hours to get on! A one-time ticket for each ride costs around 4,500 won and the staff are sometimes kind enough to alter your experience based on your preferences and reactions. The park may seem run-down but the machines are all well-maintained and carefully operated.

Other Activities

If you have more time on the island, you can ride an ATV, visit the pet farm or even go paragliding! You can even grab some shovels or fireworks from a convenience store and spend your evening at the beach.

Getting There

From Suwon station (Line 1), take bus 1004 or intracity bus no. 22 and alight when you see of “Seosin Hanaro Mart (서신 하나로 마트, Nonghyup)” at the opposite side of the road. Cross the road at the nearest traffic junction and take the 30-45 minutes shuttle bus ride at the car park beside the mart. The bus runs on 30-minute intervals and the last bus leaves Jebudo at around 8.30pm. There is only one way into the island and it is sometimes closed due to the changing tidal waves pattern, so you may want to check the sea parting schedule beforehand.

Jebudo is what a real vacation spot should be like: a great place to unwind, let your hair down, and watch the ebb and flow of the tide.

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