Tabikoro Trains in Japan Will Leave Your Destinations to Chance

These Trains in Japan Will Take You to a Random Destination in the Country

Travel to a mystery location with a roll of the dice!

It can be tough to choose where to go on vacation in Japan. It is an exceptional place to explore, from its gorgeous landscapes to its bustling cities. But would you leave that decision to the roll of the dice? Tabikoro trains in Japan opened this idea to its passengers just recently. To get a sense of these mystery destinations, here’s what you should know!

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Ride to a random destination inside Tabikoro trains in Japan

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But what’s a Tabikoro anyway? This novel creation is a campaign by the West Japan Railway Company (JR West). It is a combination of two Japanese words: tabi (journey) and saikoro (dice). And like the faces of dice, there are six possible destinations to visit when boarding Tabikoro trains in Japan. 

Passengers can end up in Hiroshima, Hakata, Kanazawa, Okayama, Fukui, or Toyama — at random, of course. All journeys start from either Osaka Station or Shin Osaka Station, depending if you’re boarding the standard train or the shinkansen. Shinkansen are high-speed trains which drastically reduce the time it takes to travel between cities in Japan.

tabikoro trains japan

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Booking Tabikoro trains in Japan go through online, so there is no actual IRL rolling of the dice. Instead, the website will have images of the destinations, so no one’s totally left in the dark. Finally, passengers will learn which destination they’ll end up at three days before the date of departure. 

The Tabikoro train promotion will be ongoing from 25 Jan to 16 Feb 2023. Interested passengers can book their tickets here.

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How much are bookings for these?

tabikoro trains japan

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This promotion by JR West comes with really nice benefits for the bold. The Tabikoro trains in Japan go for a significant discount, with only ¥16,160 (~S$163.85) per person. A minimum of two people are also required to book a tabikoro package. But if the discount rate isn’t enough of an incentive, how could you say no to free hotel accommodations? 

There’s also the drawback of travelling only on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. However, that limitation can also be an advantage, as these are workdays. Chances are the crowds will clear during these days, so maybe there’s an incentive for spontaneity!

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If the uncertainty sounds exciting, the rewards for taking a chance when boarding Tabikoro trains in Japan might pay off tenfold. And with the inherent beauty of Japan, it seems any choice is well worth trying out. Just make sure to pack a toothbrush before leaving!

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