A Guide to Sanrio Puroland’s Halloween Party

A Guide to Sanrio Puroland’s Halloween Party

If you’re planning to visit Tokyo with a young family, chances are Sanrio Puroland (also known as Hello Kitty Land) is on your must-see list of attractions. And if you’ve already been to this Mecca for Sanrio fans, you might remember strolling alongside Gudetama, Keroppi, and the Little Twin Stars as you explored the multitude of whimsical shows, shops, and restaurants — all with a faint smell of cinnamon sugar lingering in the air.

But particularly brave visitors can also look forward to an extra treat (or trick?) this autumn, as the theme park unfolds a new Halloween special event, the Puro Halloween Party. As the shadows lengthen, the enchanting magic of the cartoon paradise takes a dark turn and ghost clowns come out to play. This year’s edition promises to be scarier than ever before since it boasts of a creative collaboration with the popular horror event producer Obaken.

The event is split into two: DAY TIME “party people time” and NIGHT TIME “horror people time”. After the live rock parade in the late afternoon (3.30pm on weekdays, 4.30pm on weekends and holidays), the kawaii pink furnishings are replaced with kowai horror houses and frightening amusement rides. From getting exclusive pictures with popular Sanrio characters in Halloween garb to a freshly-launched Halloween menu, this looks like a unique way to celebrate Halloween in Japan!

Read on for our pick of the top seven highlights from the spooky festivities, and make sure to visit Sanrio Puroland from now till 31 October 2018.

1. Snap some kawaii Halloween photos with your favourite characters

With ghost clowns trying to take over Puroland, the Cinnamoroll friends must come together to defend their home with “rock power”. But first things first: a Sanrio-style costume party.

Sanrio characters will be decked out in festive Halloween costumes from daytime. Even when they’re dressed as a witch and a wizard, we think Cinnamon and Cappuccino are still pretty kawaii. After nightfall, Hello Kitty will make special appearances as Ghost Kitty and Vampire Kitty.

Keep your eyes peeled for your favourite characters, give them nice squishy hugs, and get a limited-edition photo with them in their Halloween costumes. Perfect for the ‘gram, right?

An exclusive photo spot has also been set up at Rainbow Hall 3F, where you can get a picture with a man-eating pumpkin! We promise it’s not as brutal as it sounds. Bonus points if you’re dressed in your own gruesome garms or if you’re wearing one of the Halloween-themed character costumes for sale at the theme park.

2. Join the Halloween Rock Parade

Image credit: Tomohiro Ohtake (left); Tomohiro Ohtake (right)

As the sun fades from the pink-tinged sky of Puroland, ghost clowns begin to wander in search of lonesome kitties, puppies with tasty names, and lazy eggs they can easily snatch.

The Sanrio friends unite to form a band in the Halloween live rock parade, using “rock power” to fight off the ghost clowns led by Ghost Pierrot. Expect some bangin’ tunes and acts of bravery by Cinnamoroll Ranger and Puro Ranger. Guests are also invited to join in their valiant pursuit.

After the parade, “horror people time” begins. Watch your back — ghost clowns have scattered all throughout the park.

3. Visit Lady Kitty’s Horror House

Image credit: Sanrio Puroland

What’s Halloween without a good haunted house? As the evening chill sets in, the creaky front doors of Lady Kitty’s Horror House swing open to all those who dare to venture past the cobwebs.

During the day, Lady Kitty’s House is an adorable mansion where you can send letters with exclusive stamps at the Kitty Post. You can even interact with Lady Kitty herself. But by nightfall, ghost clowns take over, ready for some mischief and antics. As you explore the refurbished house’s maze-like corridors and hallways, you might find yourself being watched by the attentive eyes of all the Hello Kitty pictures on the walls.

Naturally, don’t expect to find Lady Kitty giving out flowers during this time.

4. Try not to scream on the Sanrio Character Boat Ride…in the dark

Image credit: Blue Moon Marketing (left); Sanrio Puroland (right)

If you’ve visited the Sanrio character boat ride before, you’ll know this as a ten-minute boat tour that brings you through the rooms of various characters as they prepare for a party. But after being stunned by the Cinnamoroll friends’ musical prowess, Ghost Pierrot overtakes the boat ride and gives it a dark makeover. Expect new clown, ghost, and pumpkin decorations. He sure sounds like a nice guy, but don’t be fooled!

Visitors afraid of the dark will be in deep water here; there’s no escaping the boat once you’re past the mouth of the river. If you dare to keep your eyes open, there’s a special “mission” to complete. Three numbers are hidden throughout the course; prizes are available if you can tell the staff the sum of these figures.

To commemorate your spine-chilling adventure, an exclusive Halloween photo frame is also available as a keepsake.

5. Escape from Ghost Pierrot’s Sneaking Horror House!

Image credit: Blue Moon Marketing

Spooked from the boat ride? Maybe a balloon will cheer you up. Here, take it.

On weekends and holidays off, Ghost Pierrot returns to his favourite haunt: a house of cackling clowns in Ghost Pierrot’s Sneaking Horror House. This novel attraction, set up especially for the Puro Halloween Party, is not for the faint-hearted. Word is that it’s “impossible to escape”. We’re already getting chills down our spines and serious It vibes from the poster.

Three missions await for the courageous: finding four hidden letters to create a secret word that will drive away the clowns, ensuring that ghost clowns don’t cut down a paper symbol of ‘life’, and hiding from the berserk ghost clowns (harder than it sounds, since you have to remain completely still and silent). Accomplish all three missions and face Ghost Pierrot himself at the end to get a prize. If you do it right, you win a keepsake and save Puroland!

6. Get a taste of spooky food

Image credit: Moshi Moshi Nippon

If you were a Neopets fan, then you have to try some Spooky Food. Fortunately, Puroland offers a Halloween menu with a whole cauldron of magic-laced options.

All that screaming, running, and hiding must have worked up your appetite — you deserve a sweet treat. We recommend Cinnamoroll’s Halloween Donut and the Magical Chiffon Fluffy Souffle. If you’re feeling something more savoury, look out for Ghost Pierrot’s Spelled Pasta and MyMelody’s Halloween Naan Curry. Sounds devilishly delicious!

7. Pick up a final souvenir

Image credit: Klook (left), Sanrio Puroland (right)

If the memories and photographs weren’t enough, a range of limited Halloween merchandise has also been created for this event. These keepsakes are for sale at all eight gift shops, alongside the usual adorable souvenirs available year-round.

Our top pick? The “scratch seal” temporary tattoos featuring Puroland characters, but designed to look like they were etched into your skin.

We bet you never thought Halloween at Hello Kitty Land could be this fun. It’s certainly a unique way to experience the famous theme park, and fulfil your dreams and your nightmares all in a day!

Bonus tip: Dress up in costume for a discounted entrance price!

Image credit: Klook

If you’re going to a party, might as well go all the way. Dress up in a full-body Halloween outfit and present the discount ticket from the Puroland page (printed or on-screen) to the ticket counter to receive discounted 1-day tickets at ¥2,500 each, or afternoon tickets at ¥1,500 each (for entry after 2pm on weekdays and after 3pm on weekends). More effort is required for a full-body costume than dressing up with an elaborate headband and slapping on a bit of face paint or simply putting on a cloak. But it looks like it’s well worth it — for the photographs if nothing else.

Note that child tickets are already ¥2,500 on weekdays, so this discount applies only on weekends and holidays. Be sure to check the website for more details and full terms and conditions!

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