This Starbucks Branch in Korea is Every Coffee Lover’s Dream

This Starbucks Branch in South Korea is Every Coffee Lover’s Dream

Another reason to travel for coffee.

To celebrate its 22nd year in South KoreaStarbucks Coffee opened a brand new store on the first floor of the State Tower Namsan Building in the Jung District of Seoul. Not only does it look as beautiful as many of the Starbucks branches in South Korea, but it also boasts some of the most unique interiors we’ve seen from the coffee chain. 

Stepping inside this gorgeous coffee shop, also known as the Byeoldabang branch, customers can expect sleek and beautiful interiors, as well as the upscale and immersive environment that Starbucks Reserve stores are famous for. Check out the photographs of the cafe’s interiors below. 

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Inside the Starbucks Byeoldabang branch in Seoul, South Korea 

Starbucks Byeoldabang Reserve Branch in Seoul, South Korea 

Interiors of the Starbucks Reserve branch at the State Tower Namsan Building | Image credit: Starbucks Stories Asia Official Website

The new Starbucks Reserve branch features a spacious coffee seminar area, a cosy indoor fireplace, and a large digital wall installation that tells the stories of the brand. The first digital art series showcased illustrated scenes from Hacienda Alsacia, the 240-hectare coffee farm owned by Starbucks in Costa Rica, which was depicted by local artist Lee Kyu-tae. 

Starbucks Byeoldabang Branch in Seoul, South Korea 

Digital art wall installation and Starbucks Reserve bar | Image credit: Starbucks Stories Asia Official Website

Interestingly, this Starbucks branch happens to be the first one in South Korea that isn’t named after a building or its geographical location. Instead, the branch uses the name Byeoldabang, which happens to be a popular nickname for Starbucks among Korean customers. “Byeol” is the Korean word for “star,” while “dabang” refers to a coffee shop or a place to sell tea. 

Starbucks Byeoldabang Reserve Branch in Seoul, South Korea 

Order and pick-up zone | Image credit: Starbucks Stories Asia Official Website

The Byeoldabang branch also offers an immersive “Starbucks Experience,” which includes “seasonal and core beverages, Starbucks Reserve and Teavana beverages, as well as delicious food choices” for customers, according to the brand’s website

Starbucks Korea Reserve Branch

Coffee seminar area | Image credit: Starbucks Stories Asia Official Website

Along with the opening of the new store, Starbucks Reserve stores across South Korea have added seven new seasonal beverages to their menu to mark the 22nd anniversary of the brand. These drinks include the Shakerato Affogato, Powdered Soybean Black Milk Tea, Byulgung Omija Youthberry Tea, and more. 

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