Important Phrases You Need to Know When In Korea

Important Phrases You Need to Know When In Korea

Before you head over to South Korea for your next vacation, print out this list of useful Korean travel phrases which is going to come in extra handy!

It could be the food, or the ongoing Kpop wave. Or perhaps even tourists’ fantasies of recreating their own K-drama. We are unsure of the reasons, but one thing’s for sure – South Korea is currently one of the hottest travel destinations where people from all over the world are flocking to. If you’re one of those who are planning on a trip there, this article is definitely going to come in handy.

While travelling in a country that speaks a foreign language, it is always important to equip yourself with useful local phrases. Trust me, you are not going to have access to Google Translate all the time and even if you do, sometimes the translations can get so warped that all you are going to receive from the locals are blank stares. Here’s a compiled list of important phrases in Korean (spelled phonetically) that would come in handy during your next visit to South Korea. Be sure to print and bring it along with you if you do not wish to embarrass yourself in front of the Koreans!


Hello/How are you – Annyeong haseyo
Goodbye – Annyeonghi gaseyo
Thank you – Gamsa hamnida
I’m sorry – Mian hamnida
My name is – Je ireu meun (name) imnida
I come from – Jeo neun (place) eseo wasseumnida
Do you understand me? – Ihae hasheo sseoyo?
Can you speak English? – Yeongeo halsu issuem nikka?
Help! – Towa juseyo

Phrases for shopping

Is there/Do you have (object)? – (object) isseoyo?
How much? – Olma eyo?
This is so expensive – Bi ssa yo
Can I have a discount? – Kka kka ju seyo?

Phrases for eating

Can I have the bill? – Gye san seo ju seyo?
Please give me more side dishes – Banchan choo seyo
Please give me water – Mool choo seyo
Non-spicy – An mebge he juseyo
Delicious – Mashi soyo


Where is the (place)? – (Place) eodi yeyo?
Where is Bae Yong Joon? – Bae Yong Joon eodi yeyo?
How long does it take? – Eol mana geol lim nikka?
Please call me a taxi – Taeksi jom bulleo juseyo
Please stop here – Seweo juseyo
This *pointing to something* – I geot
That *pointing to something* – Jeo geot


Airport – Gong hang
Subway – Jiha cheol
Taxi – Taek si
Toilet – Hwa jang sil
Hotel – Hotel
Restaurant – Sik dang
Marketplace – Si jang
Entrance – Ip gu
Exit – Chul gu
Drinking water – Naeng su
Tea – Chah
Beer – Maek ju
Coffee – Koh pee


0 – Gong
1 – Il
2 – Ee
3 – Sam
4 – Sa
5 – O
6 – Yuk
7 – Chil
8 – Pal
9 – Gu
10 – Sip
1000 – Cheon
2000 – Ee cheon
10,000 – Man
100,000 – Simman
1,000,000 – Baengman
Now – Ji geum
Later – Na junge
Yesterday – Eo je
Today – Oneul
Tomorrow – Naeil
Morning – A chim
Afternoon – Ohu
Evening – Jeon yeok
Night – Bam


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