Snacks in Malaysia: 10 Delicious Grubs That You Can Buy Online!

Malaysian Snacks: 10 Delicious Grubs That You Can Buy Online!

Malaysian snacks are love!

Malaysia is easily one of the most popular food havens in Southeast Asia, maybe even the world. From heritage cuisine found in decades-old restaurants to mouthwatering delights sold behind the counter of a roadside cart, the culturally diverse culinary scene of Malaysia is a shining beacon that attracts foodies from all over the world. 

And, thanks to the innovation of Malaysia’s F&B industry, nowadays you don’t need to visit Malaysia or even leave your home (for locals) to enjoy a taste of the country’s iconic foods! 

For all you foodies out there who prefer staying at home, here are 10 of the best gourmet snacks in Malaysia that you can buy online! Most of these snacks can be delivered to your doorstep if you live in Malaysia. 

For our overseas readers, you can find these wonderful eats on platforms like Shopee and Lazada. However, SOME of these snacks are currently unavailable overseas, so make sure to bookmark them for your next visit to Malaysia! 

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1. Kantin Lab

kantin lab snacks in Malaysia

Image credit: Kantin Lab

Personally, between all the gourmet Malaysian snacks, Kantin Lab is my favourite. This premium snack company was founded by a young group of Malaysians with the sole purpose of offering gourmet-quality snacks at affordable prices. 

Kantin Lab specialises in Malaysian-flavoured crinkle-cut chips. Currently, this awesome local brand offers two flavours: salted egg yolk and nasi lemak. If you ask me, for a more Malaysian-centric experience, go for the nasi lemak version. 

Spicy and fragrant, the chips come with peanuts and crunchy, fried anchovies. It’s basically like the actual dish except with chips instead of rice. The moment you open the resealable foil packaging, the aroma just hits your face like a pleasant sea breeze. Trust me, you will not be able to stop at one, especially once you fall in love with the authentic kick every bite delivers!

Available in Malaysia and Singapore

2. Truly Gourmet Tempeh Chips

snacks in Malaysia

Image credit: Truly Gourmet Co

For a delicious and healthy snack that is truly unique, try tempeh chips. For those not in the know, Tempeh is basically fermented soybeans that are shaped into a block, kind of like a soybean cake. It is a traditional food from Java, Indonesia that has been gaining worldwide popularity for its high nutrition value and as an alternative to meat. 

Truly Gourmet is a Malaysian company that specialises in tempeh chips. As the name suggests, these are basically tempeh slices that have been fried to crispy perfection. 

The entire process, from selecting the ingredients (non-GMO beans) to fermentation and finally frying and packaging takes at least five days on average, so you can be sure that every pack of tempeh chips comes with plenty of patient TLC. 

Currently only available in Malaysia

3. myEureka

snacks in Malaysia

Image credit: eureka_snack_popcorn

I’m sure we can all agree that one of the essential snacks to have while watching a movie is popcorn. Well, who says popcorn can only be enjoyed in the cinema? myEureka is a Malaysian company that sells gourmet popcorn in a large variety of unique flavours. 

From classic caramel and decadent chocolate to more unique versions like sour cream and tangy tomato, there’s bound to be something that will make your mouth water. Each kernel is fully coated too so you’re always guaranteed a burst of flavour with every bite!

Available in Malaysia and Singapore

4. Amazin’ Graze

amazin' graze snacks in Malaysia

Image credit: Amazin’ Graze

When it comes to gourmet Malaysian snacks online, apart from the typical sweet and savoury delights, there are also plenty of artisanal stores that sell healthy snacks. One of the more famous ones in that regard is Amazin’ Graze. 

Started in 2015 by three Malaysian women, Amazin’ Graze has grown into a global force, with products being sold in Singapore, Hong Kong, and even as far as the United States! The online store offers a wide variety of nutrition-heavy snacks. Some of their most popular items include homemade granolas, brownie chips (I highly recommend this), and their nut mixes. 

If you’re not sure where to start, they even have variety boxes just so you can try everything all at once! 

Available in Malaysia, Singapore, and The Philippines

5. Kintry Artisan Food Co.

snacks in Malaysia

Image credit: Kintry Co

Another healthy snack brand that offers gourmet Malaysian snacks online is Kintry. Like Amazin’ Graze, Kintry offers a large variety of healthy snacks using premium ingredients that make them addictively delicious. However, what sets them apart is that they also offer products that make Malaysians think of home, such as their pandan Gula Melaka granolas. 

In addition, Kintry also offers amazing home-baked cookies and salted egg potato chips. If you’re looking to send someone a care pack, you’ll be happy to know that Kintry offers set-boxes that come with a little bit of everything, perfect for presents and gifts. 

Available in Malaysia and Singapore

6. Signature Market

signature market

Image credit: Signature Market

One final healthy snack brand in Malaysia that offers gourmet snacks is Signature Market. This is actually my favourite among all the healthy snack brands in the country mostly because of its fine selection of healthy teas, fruit and nut spreads, and dried, candied fruits (I highly recommend their Wild Berry Blast).

Of course, this wholesome brand also offers granolas, cookies and other typical healthy snacks. In addition, it also stocks a limited number of daily necessities, such as shampoos and shower gels made from natural ingredients. 

Available in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines 

7. Huey&Wah

huey & wah marshmallows

Image credit: Hueynwah

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE marshmallows. And I don’t even need to drop them in hot chocolate or roast them, I can just eat those fluffy clouds straight from the bag. However, if you’re tired of the generic marshmallows in supermarkets, check out Huey&Wah. 

Huey&Wah is actually an artisanal cafe in Penang that boasts being Malaysia’s first-ever gourmet marshmallow cafe. They offer s’mores, hot chocolate, and more sweet treats that elevate the humble marshmallow. 

While not everything from the cafe can be bought online, you CAN buy their premium marshmallows from Shopee! 

Currently only available in Malaysia

8. Vive Snack

snacks in Malaysia

Image credit: Vivesnackcom

I’m sure many of us here have tried Swiss and Belgian chocolate. However, did you know that there’s a company in Malaysia that sells gourmet Malaysian chocolate? Vive Snack was established in 2015 and offers a range of high-quality artisanal chocolate made using locally sourced ingredients. 

My two favourite products from their store are their signature cacao nibs and dark chocolate with hazelnut. If you want a Malaysian version of Nutella, they also offer a wide range of chocolate and nut spreads that go perfectly with your morning toast! 

Available in Malaysia and Singapore

9. Merry Ice Cream

snacks in Malaysia

Image credit:

There are many ice cream manufacturers in Malaysia but for a more gourmet and premium treat, my go-to brand is Merry. And no, it’s not just because the company is from Penang (my hometown). I personally buy Merry ice cream on a regular basis (maybe it’s three cups, maybe it’s three tubs, who knows?) and I have to say the flavours are truly amazing and the texture feels premium as well! 

Objectively, I’m sure many Malaysians will agree that Merry is one of the best artisanal ice creams on the market. Aside from classic flavours like mint chocolate chip and strawberry cheesecake, Merry also features an ever-expanding list of Malaysian-centric flavours like soursop, hawthorn berries, and Gula Melaka. 

Currently only available in Malaysia

10. The Tapping Tapir

snacks in Malaysia

Image credit: The Tapping Tapir

When talking about gourmet Malaysian snacks, people tend to forget premium beverages. Yes, an ice-cold can of Coca-Cola or beer is always fantastic but for a more local experience, why not quench your thirst with The Tapping Tapir? 

This Malaysian-born company offers a large variety of naturally flavoured sodas that celebrate the diverse flavours of fruits and fragrant plants found in Malaysia. Personally, I like the Pineapple & Calamansi drink the most. It is refreshing and sweet, perfect for the hot Malaysian weather! 

Not sure where to start? Try their premium variety pack and go from there! 

Available in Malaysia and Singapore

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Get your dose of gourmet Malaysian snacks today!

And there you have it: 10 gourmet Malaysian snacks you can buy online for a taste of Malaysia from the comfort of your own home! While I’m sure there is plenty more premium local snacks that have yet to be unearthed in Malaysia, these are currently my personal favourites. 

If you have a local brand that you enjoy, drop us a comment on our Facebook page! We might just add them to our next list! 

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