FamilyMart Malaysia Launches First-Ever Smart Kiosks in the Country

FamilyMart Malaysia Launches First-Ever Smart Kiosks in the Country

Foodies, you're in for a treat!

One of the essential experiences of a trip to Japan is visiting a convenience store. After all, Japanese convenience stores are famous for having all sorts of yummy goodies. And perhaps one of the most famous Japanese conveniences stores of all is FamilyMart! 

Recognisable but its signature green, blue, and white colour theme, FamilyMart is a true global franchise. To date, it has overseas outlets in Taiwan, China, The Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and more. The premium convenience store is especially popular in Malaysia.

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familymart malaysia

Image credit: FamilyMart Malaysia

Every time a new branch opens, it is sure to attract enthusiastic crowds. I remember passing by one on opening day and the line outside was so long I thought that a local celebrity was in town!

Given how popular the franchise is, Malaysians couldn’t contain their excitement when FamilyMart Malaysia launched their first-ever smart kiosks in the country!

First of its kind

FamilyMart malaysia vending machines

Image credit: FamilyMart Malaysia

Essentially vending machines with touch screen functionality, the FamilyMart kiosks are located at Shell Karak Highway 2, a common route that connects the states of Selangor and Pahang. Despite its slightly remote location, it received plenty of fanfare on social media. In fact, I’d reckon that if it weren’t for the lockdown rules in place, people would have flocked to the launching! 

The FamilyMart smart kiosks sell some of the convenience store’s most popular food items. These range from onigiri, their signature sandwiches, chips, drinks, and even desserts among other local favourites. I mean just one look at the pictures is enough to make my mouth water!

Image credit: FamilyMart Malaysia

True to the innovative tech culture of Japan, the machines are contactless and cashless. Instead, Malaysians can pay for their purchases using cards and e-wallet payments. The two kiosks are part of a larger pilot project. If they turn out to be a big hit (judging by social media comments, they will be), then you may be able to see more of these kiosks when you next visit Malaysia! 

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And, for fans of FamilyMart, I’m pretty sure these kiosks will somehow end up on your bucket list of things to do in Malaysia!

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